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Working Class Muslim Families Series Part 7: Conclusion and What Will Umar Do?

(Comments are now open) A brother who has read this series told me on the telephone that I am overly optimistic about the future of Muslims in America. That sounded odd to me because most people accuse me of being … Continue reading

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Debate With bin Gregory on White Muslim Identity in America

I want to respond to a post disagreeing with my views on the roles of white Muslims in America by a white Muslim brother by the name of bin Gregory over at his blog. My response to him is not … Continue reading

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The Weak White-Muslim Brother Getting Hitched

This is a delicate subject and I do not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings with this. However, because I have seen this situation play itself out so many times in the Muslim community, and it deeply saddens me, I think … Continue reading

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The White Masjid of the Future

An African-American Muslim brother recently told me that Islam would be a true success in America when we have mostly white masjids in cities throughout America like we have predominantly African-American masjids in every sizeable American city (and several in … Continue reading

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More on White Muslims

I stayed up late last night talking on the phone to two Muslim brothers that I have known for years. It is a marvel of modern technology that brothers in three different cities can talk on the phone at the … Continue reading

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The White Muslim

Abu Sinan has recently started a conversation about the treatment of white Muslim converts in the Muslim community in the United States. He argues, correctly, that white converts often do not have an easy time finding a home within the … Continue reading

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