Walking from Queens to Brooklyn With My Thoughts

I went for a long walk the other night at about two in the morning. I started out in the Maspeth section of Queens and ended up in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. I walked for blocks and blocks along Grand through an area that has been described as desolate and in need of development so that it can merge nicely into the working-class areas of Maspeth and the gentrifying globoland of Williamsburg. Yet as I walked block after block I saw factories and warehouses that were open late at night, parking lots full of the cars of workers, and the sound of American industry in the air.

If America is going to be a nation that has a middle-class in the future, and if New York is going to be a city that is home to a working-class, than it is these kinds of areas that need to be preserved as they are slowly dying. In New York there are few left to fight for these places; so called liberal globo progressives are more concerned about creating urban lifestyle centers where they can live like grad students until they are forty and be served liked queens by underpaid undocumented workers at high-end restaurants and coffee shops and those on the left that are fighting the Rhodesians* are only concerned about issues such as affordable housing and raising the minimum wage, that while crucial, doesn’t address the issue of keeping good paying jobs in the city.

As I looked at the plates on the back of the cars of the workers I wondered how far they had driven to get to work. Could they afford to live in the neighborhood? Or did they not want to raise their families in neighborhoods with failing schools and dangerous influences?

Then my thoughts pass to this; what would be the ultimate dream for the Rhodesians? Well, it is not a dream it already occurred, and that is Hurrican Katrina, and wouldnt they love to see a Hurricane like that hit every Lower 9th Ward in every city in America? So they could come in and by up the land and then rehab and sit in their sidewalk cafes and read The Nation and talk about how liberal they are after the only poor people that are left in the hood are those that are serving them. 

I think of this as I walk, and maybe I think too much, because I am tired as hell, remember I have an appointment in a few hours, and don’t feel like walking back, but I do. And now all I am thinking of is my bed.


Night at the Hospital

I hate hospitals and going to them for any reason but yesterday I was encouraged to do so by a few different people. I knew I had a hernia and I could see and feel the bulge (or whatever it is) in my stomach; but I didn’t take it that’s serious. However, I visited my local pizzeria, a classic New York joint, and talked to Joe the old Italian guy behind the counter who had just had a heart attack four days ago but was already back at work because he said staying at home drives him crazy.

After telling Joe about my stomach he wouldn’t shut up and went on and on about me having to get it checked out and then admonished me for my diet of pizza, Philly cheesesteaks, strombolis and the like, which of course I buy from him. After leaving there I called my grandmother and nothing gets her excited more than any hint of sickness or ailments and then my wife and they both I agreed I should have it checked out so I went to Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn.

Wyckoff is like most inner-city hospitals in that it is a third-world operation. It is crowded, dirty, unorganized and is manned by staff who just kind of leisurely stroll around and don’t get excited about anything and are not in a hurry to serve anyone. After waiting a few hours and being rudely interviewed and checked on by a gay Asian nurse I sat in the waiting room for three hours as Puerto Rican teen mothers sat with their unruly kids and baby-daddies ( all black btw), transvestites, a woman telling how she puts vegetable oil in her car engine, and a guy telling how his uncle works at the post office but gets a social security check in a dead guys name, so I couldn’t wait to be seen and get the hell out of there.

When I got in the back it was crowded and police officers were hovering over someone who had been assaulted trying to get info on the attackers while I sat next to a young gang-banger who was threatening to shoot up the place unless he got some attention. On the other side of me an elderly Puerto Rican woman was having some religious tracts read to her by her daughter.

I got a bed, and because my name is Lee, was sent a Chinese female doctor to see me, and she was rude and nasty and abruptly walked away without saying anything when she found out I wasn’t Chinese.

So, it was going bad; but then I was sent two residents, one a Muslim woman from India and another a young man from Vietnam and both had did their med school in the Caribbean island of Dominica, and they were very friendly and nice and talked to me until the regular doctor came, a guy from India, and he confirmed I had a hernia and gave me an appointment with the surgical clinic on June 30th. Hopefully two years from now those two residents will be that warm and friendly.

Assessment of the Immigrant Rights Rally Yesterday

Immigrants rallied yesterday in front of City Hall in Manhattan yesterday and organizers say that as many as 200,000 people attended the rally. I was very happy at some of the things that I saw yesterday and was less than happy with others.

What I was happy about:

– It seemed that Spanish radio played a huge role in this rally as it is in so many other cities and Reggeaton DJ Mega got some of the loudest cheers and was the talk of much of the crowd and I am glad to see music playing such a role. Maybe in the next rally we will see Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Queen Ivy and Tego Calderon ( who are all popular reggeaton stars for those who do not know).

– I saw so many groups that have been so politically dead in New York for so long and who most political observers believed to just be workers with no political ambitions and who will not stand up for their rights; Dominicans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Mexicans and other Latino groups.

– Non Latino groups also showed up in force yesterday and I saw Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Guyanese, West Indian, Irish and other groups which was a good thing and I was happy to see that.

-Fun! This rally was fun with a lot of chanting, music and dancing in the crowd and people were having fun and hanging out and guys and girls were flirting with one another and everyone was taking it easy which is the exact opposite of what you normally see in white leftists rallies were everyone is so robotic and uniform and you see organized carefully planned playfulness.

– Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Congressman Jose Serrano and many other elected officials, activists and power brokers showed up to speak and all got a warm reaction from the crowd ( for the most part). When you get these kinds of people to address your rally then you are being noticed.

– Unions. There was a large presence of labor unions and in particular I saw the Laborers Union, the Telecommunications Workers Union, the Service Employees International Union ( whose President Dennis Rivera addressed the crowd) and others.

What I Was Not Happy About

– There were groups of Leftist groups, mostly white but I did notice a lot of Latinos in the group, who were trying to use the event to call for all kinds of things unrelated to the issue at hand and I see these same people at all kinds of rallies. When Sen. Clinton was speaking many started a chant against her which ran against the spirit of the rally.

-The lack of Muslims. There was a Bengali delegation at the rally, but it was relatively small and the people didn’t look particularly religious. At the entire event, and I was walking up and down the street examining the crowd, I only saw one family that looked like a religious Muslim family, and on that note, I also saw one Orthodox Jew in the crowd.

– The lack of Americans and certain immigrant groups. There was a sprinkling of white Americans in the crowd, and at least a handful of African-Americans I saw; but on the whole there were not that many American citizens who are non-relatives who were their to show support. I also did not see that many people from some very large immigrant groups in New York; Russians, Polish ( though I did see one), and Arabs. What are the reasons for this? Ill let you figure this out.

Girls and Sex, Subway Drama and a No Show

I was in Manhattan but had to go to the Midwood section of Brooklyn in order to see a woman I was doing a job for on Thursday and had to catch the A train to the B train in order to do so.

The A was packed and I had to stand up and I end up standing next to two men who were yelling at each other because they both believed the other was standing too close. One of the men looked like he was in his forties and the other was a late teen. The older man, who you would think have better sense, started to get off the train but stood in the door as it opened and blocked it from leaving and yelled at the young men” you don’t know who you are fuckin with, I just did 15 years for a murder and Ill fuck you up bitch. Your a bitch ass nigga, come on and get off the train so I can fuck you up…come on…come on…”. At first the young man didn’t move, but then his ego got the better of him and he started to get off the train, and when he did this half the people on the screen begin screaming ” no, don’t do it, he is not worth it” and he followed their advice.

When I transferred to the B, which has to be the most polite line in NYC, everything was calm until I got to the middle-class Jewish neighborhood of Midwood. I met my client and when I left I decided to do some shopping on Kings Highway before leaving and I shopped for shoes (with no success), a belt, and a baseball cap and looked around for a nice spot to grab a bite to eat and that is when I saw a sign that read ; Kosher Pizza and Felafel. You cant get no better than that I said to myself, so I went in and like a pig ordered a slice, a felafel sandwich and some hummus.

It was while eating in the restaurant full of observant Jews that I eavesdropped on the owner having to rebut the strongarm tactics of a Hasidic businessman who was selling coffee and demanding he buy more coffee to which he replied “if I sell more coffee I will buy more coffee”; but this did not seem to matter to the coffee dealer who was pressuring him to buy more coffee than he needed.

While they were arguing I and I was trying to make out another conversation in Hebrew ( I know a little, but not much) a young girl from an observant family who was dressed like an orthodox school girl was leaving the store and when her cell phone rang The Pussycat Dolls tune played that says “don’t you wish your girl was hot like me, don’t you wish your girl was a freak like me”. Now, quite honestly that blew me away.

It is not the fact that a religious Jewish girl would be listening to that sexually charged music; it is the fact that she has it playing on her cell phone. So, I asked myself; is this girl a freak ( a freak being on oversexed girl)? I doubt it. Like many Muslim girls going to religious schools she probably feels isolated and bored by her religious surrounding and dreams of a world were all the non-religious kids are having fun. This is very common in the Muslim community I know and it appears that there are at least some who feel the same way in the observant Jewish community.

While these girls dream of wearing jeans that look painted on and having their breasts popping out of their blouses as the go to school, and look at the public schools students with envy, most seldom get out of the house for anything other than activity with their families, school and religious activities.

If they are gonna become a freak chances are they will have to find a rebellious young Jewish or Muslim boy ( and there are no shortage of those) who they can fool around with and sneak off with in a extra few minutes somewhere. This is what has brought upon the phenomenon in religious communites of young people and oral sex. It is a technicality you see that allows them to still say they are virgins.

I had been thinking a lot about women, and young women in particular, in the previous days after watching a video. The video showed a group of young men and aspiring rappers in a room with naked young girls. As the guys played with the girls pussies and smacked their asses they held conversations with one another, smoked weed, and drank with the girls remaining bent over on all fours the entire time ( later they would have sex). These girls were not prostitutes it was explained to me, but just young girls from the neighborhood having a good time and the African-American rappers specifically requested Latinas and Asian women.

For the men in the video, I know what they were thinking. They had some fine young tenders with big asses and they were just their for their pleasure and they didn’t even care to know these girls names or anything about them and as the old saying goes they were just pieces of meat. It was harder for me to understand what the girls got out of this? I mean, if they are just having sex that would be one thing, but they are sitting around and letting these guys make fun of them and talk bad to them and pass them around and give them to their friends and just treat them like garbage and it made me wonder were these girls minds are?

So, when I saw this Jewish girl, who I am sure has the phone on vibrate at home, I thought of those girls. Later that night, at the Brooklyn Public library before stoppin for Maghrib at Masjid al-Farooq on Atlantic Ave,, I saw a young girl who made me forget about the Jewish girl.

Sitting at a table reading the newspaper and waiting for a computer to open up I heard a young girl say “you know, I only like big sicks, and your dick is too little…now that nigga Ray has a big dick that I like” and when I turned to look at this girl she appeared to be about ten years old! For some reason the first words that came to my head were those of a Muslim brother and friend of mine named Muadh ( now living in Saudi Arabia) who once told me “the children of the ghettos are the ultimate victims of the sexual and cultural revolution”.

Our girls are in trouble. They were always vulnerable; but now it has changed and the dreams of horny boys have come true as girls are now acting out the dreams of the boys and writers celebrate it as a celebration of womens sexuality. Those writers and thinkers in such a celebratory mood from their penthouses with nannies taking care of their imported children will not be anywhere around as these young girls care for their children in housing projects, lay on their sick bed from HIV and spent lives on poverty based on getting a little liberated as youngsters.

The boys, of course, for the most part, don’t give a shit about any of this and the want today what high school boys and older men have always wanted and that is pussy and as much of it is they can possibly get it. Today they get to sit back and enjoy threesomes and watch fake lesbian sessions from middle school on. Going back to my school days, if it wouldn’t have been for wiser girls, I would have never went to school but would have had sex everyday and like the guys in the film I could care less what these girls names were as long as they looked decent.

What about the girls out there who don’t wanna get down like that? Are you just a square now if you don’t give out oral sex like hugs? 36 Mafia won a Grammy for a song called “Its Hard Out There Being a Pimp” somebody should make a song “Its Hard Out there for a Girl”.

St. Patricks Day Parade
The parade aint my thing. There are some things going on this weekend in the Irish community that do interest me, but being around a bunch of drunks I do not know is not fun to me so I do not attend the parade and the last time I did got into a scuffle and that was it for me.