Cabbie Tales Again

Interesting night so I will share a little.

Big Shot Chef: This guy was with a group. He said he flew into cook at the Lumeiere. Had to be a big shot chef. Anyway from the convo with his friends guy must be a celebrity chef might even be on TV. I don’t watch cooking shows ( if I did it would have been Paula Deen). Anyway I told them to check out my man Ben’s fancy joint Olios and Elias. They had already been and were going back. Every time I tell a yuppie Ben is a friend their jaw drops from the thought of how does this grubby and grimy mortal know a guy like Ben?

Theatre Guy: Picked up a guy who said Chicago at the Fox Theatre is “my show”. We talked New York and women. I promised him I would see the show.

American Dream: Chinese-American guy. Grew up in a rough neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago working in his parents ghetto Chinese carry-out. Worked-hard, graduated from college, has a good job as an engineer, supports his family now. Good guy. The American Dream. His job though? Helping to make drones. A dream and death intersect. Life is complicated.

Project Trip: Who knew there are projects in Collinsville,IL?

Cheerleaders: Picked up a group of girls who said they worked for the Rams. All hot. Assumed cheerleaders. We argued about the Rams and Sam Bradford in a friendly way. One left a shoe in the cab. Too bad I don’t have a foot fetish. Rex Ryan would have had a field day.

International Business: Group of international young businesspeople. Uruguay, France, India, Spain and one very blessed Argentinian-British sister. I got skills. Trip started with me threatning to kick their asses. Ended with them begging me to be their regular driver.

Inspiration: Lady said “been clean four years. Just got tired of running around being a dopefiend”. God Bless fiamanullah.