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St. Louis Muslims, City Hall and the Mayoral Election

In 1992 there were two mosques in St. Louis. Masjid al-Mu’minun on Grand and Cass in North St. Louis and the Islamic Center on West Pine and Vandeventer in Midtown.  Masjid al-Mu’minun catered to the African-American Sunni-orthodox believers under the … Continue reading

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Talal Interviewing Me On St. Louis Election Results

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Zuhdi Masri On Ending Food Deserts in North St. Louis 21st Ward

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Umar Lee and Talal Abdullah on Muslims Working to End North St. Louis Food Desert

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Meeting With the FBI at a St. Louis Masjid Over The Actions of Minnesota Somali Youths

Last night I attended a meeting of about 20 local Muslim leaders with two special agents from the local FBI field office at Masjid Bilal (the old Islamic Center on the campus of St. Louis University). I did not really … Continue reading

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Muslim Refugees in St. Louis Bring New Flavor

St. Louis is one of those last few American cities that is a black-white city. The city has a slight black-majority and the white population is something like 47%. Of the top 43 metropolitan areas in America St. Louis ranks … Continue reading

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St. Louis: Long on STD’s and Short on Halal Joints

Today I took my wife to the doctor’s office at St. Mary’s Hospital for an appointment. While I was waiting in the lobby a nurse went over all of the different issues she needed to keep in mind in order … Continue reading

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