Serial, Adnan Syed, and My Thoughts… Adnan Syed is Guilty

Side notes…

For Adnan Syed to be innocent you have to believe he had an amazingly bad chain of bad luck on one day. One bad thing sure, two is possible, and then it’s just not bad luck.

Two. The idea that Adnan’s lawyer threw the case is utterly absurd. Trial lawyers are divas concerned with legacy and reputation. People who believe lawyers are throwing trials are the same people who’ll tell you a boxing match because a fight didn’t go there way.

Third. Support for Adnan Syed isn’t about Muslim Unity. It’s about fighting against public shame, circling the wagons, and Desi Muslims having each others back. If Adnan was an African-American, white, or Latino member of ISB he wouldn’t have received that level of support no matter how innocent or devout.

Fourth. If Adnan would’ve been granted bail I’m betting there is zero chance he ever shows up to court. So alhamdulilah Adnan wasn’t granted bail.

Fifth. I don’t think the reporter has a very good understanding of Muslim culture and the duality of American-Muslim youth and is too quick to dismiss Adnan ad just an assimilated kid.

Six. This reporter does a pretty good job writing about what Serial left out abd the domestic violence angle.