Hajj Masturbation and a Call For Those Who Support KSA Ruling to Stand Up

I know that people will say that this topic may be off color and inappropriate; but I was made aware of this topic over lunch and I honestly had trouble finishing my meal I was so disturbed.A brother mentioned to me that while he was making hajj a few years back he witnessed men rubbing up against women and masturbating. The men were caught doing this and were escorted out by Saudi police and beaten for this act. When I asked this brother, who is held in very high-esteem in the local Muslim community, if this was common and why someone would masturbate at hajj, he told me that a sheikh who will be speaking at the Texas Dawah Convention has publicly spoken on the matter and it is soemthing that does happen.

It is beyond my imagination, unfathomable, how a man can even think of sexual arousal while in the most blessed place on earth in order to fulfill a commandment that Allah has been made obligatory upon the Muslims.

When I posed this question to the brother he responded that these men, like those I spoke of earlier, are so sexually repressed that the mere touch of a woman can send them into a state of ecstasy. Therefore, you have some men (though I assume not many) who go to hajj just to rub up against women. I have to ask this question; if these men were not living in such a sexually repressed atmosphere where they were totally separated from women would they behave like this? Is it not the sign of a sick society where there is this kind of sexual perversion in public? Not that dissimilar form the sexual perversion you see in the S&M dungeons of America and displayed on television?

Now, you may say these are isolated incidents, and I am sure that they are, but there are other examples of bizarre behavior stemming from sexual frustration in Muslim countries. Another example, and something I have spoken of before, is that of men in Syria breaking into the maternity ward of hospitals to watch women give birth or to see their bodies before and after the process. As someone who has attended a child birth I can tell you it is about as sexually stimulating as having diarrhea while camping in the woods on a hot day; but for grown men, with natural desires, who are denied the fulfillment of those desires and even the voice and presence of a woman seeing a woman even in this condition can lead to arousal.  Like I said before, what made me even more astonished at this situation was the fact that my friend, a Syrian doctor and a very nice brother, seemed very surprised that I could not see the logic of why men were doing this.

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Religous Policeman on Saudi Racism

I am linking to an excellent piece from an excellent blog about the mistreatment of workers and racism in Saudi Arabia and this is from 10-05. Because the brother is so thorough on the topic and lives in Saudi Arabia there is very little that I can add to the topic but I will relate a few stories about Saudi Arabia.

A good friend of mine was a student at the Islamic University of Medina and left the school to go and do some things in Riyadh and he decided to do an experiment. Because he is a Latino he has a look that could pass for a lot of things in the Middle-east and one day he went out dressed as a Pakistani and gave the greetings to Saudis and they didn’t’t return his greeting. He went on to do this with a few different styles of clothing and still got no greeting from the Saudis until he put on the traditional Saudi garb at which point he got the greeting from everyone.

Another friend of mine, a Palestinian, told me that at his school in the KSA non-Saudi boys were raped and that they were beaten by Saudi boys and if they tried to fight back they would be punished by the schools who would take the side of the Saudi.

The brother in his article also mentions the aspect of house cleaning that many Saudi do not even know how to do simple household chores anymore because they are entirely dependent on their maids ( maybe slaves is a better term). I can attest to this because in the 1990’s I interacted with many Saudi students in the US and most of their homes were absolutely filthy and the brothers explained to me that their wives were used to having maids cook and clean for them and were not used to having to do the work themselves so they lived in squalor in suburban condos. On a seperate note in my opinion most people who have maids are just too damn lazy to clean up after their own mess and no matter how much money I get I will never hire a maid.

I am not a big Saudi basher, even though I know that there is rampant racism in the kingdom, insane tribalism, wild government corruption, and a sexual abuse epidemic, and I should be a big Saudi critic. Perhaps the reason for me not wanting to attack the situation in the KSA is due to the fact that I have known so many pious Saudi brothers over the years, was educated by Saudis, admired many of the ulema of the KSA, and have friends of mine who have made hijrah there and love it ( and there are many Muslim attackers of the KSA who are admirers of the corrupt and incompetent Uthmani Khilafah that drove the ummah into the ground). But, there are very serious issues in the KSA that need to be addressed and this brother does a good job of exposing them.