St. Louis Post-World Series Thoughts

Now that the pain of the World Series loss to Boston is over allow me to say a few things:

– if you are the Cardinals fan who smiled and said “aww that is cute” because the Red Sox placed an ad in the St. Louis papers congratulating St. Louis for getting beat you are probably the kind of guy who likes watching his wife get banged and a born loser.

– I said from the beginning Jose Oquendo should have been hired as the manager and the Tea Party Cardinals fan base would not accept it. Can Mike Matheney  get the Cards to the finish line? Time will tell but he has had the tools two years in a row and came up empty.

– David Freese is a degenerate alcoholic. Alcoholism and athletics do not mix. This West County frat boy is a disgrace to the team. 2011 was 2011. I don’t wanna see him in a Cardinals uniform any more than I want to see him puking on a Central West End sidewalk again. His addiction has eroded his skills.

-Joe Buck was not cheering for the Red Sox. He just watched Big Papi and gets excited anytime a Dominican goes deep.

– I will say it again. Boston is a soft ass yuppie city second only to maybe corny ass cities like San Francisco or Seattle. On no day is Boston ever stronger than St. Louis. Check the numbers.  STL is Murder City.

-Other than that the Cards are in pretty good shape for next season.


Denis Leary is a Boston Idiot: St. Louis Way Tougher and Grimier

Before Game Two of the St. Louis World Series actor and comedian Denis Leary was brought in to give his insight. His take was basically to say Boston is a tough and blue-collar city and the Red Sox represent that and St. Louis is a wholesome clean-cut non grimey city and the Cardinals represent that.

Bullshit. Leary doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about. St. Louis is WAY more grimey and working-class than Boston. Now if Leary is judging St. Louis by some rich West County in-the-closet daddies boy cornball like Joe Buck that is one thing. But Buck doesn’t represent St. Louis.

The crime, murder and poverty rates of St. Louis are way higher than St. Louis. It’s not even close. St. Louis is always either first or in the top-five of murder and crime. Boston is never even on the list. Roxbury, Matapan, and Dorchester seem like solid middle-class suburbs compared to North St. Louis, Dutchtown, East St. Louis, Kinloch, Wellston, etc. .

As far as blue-collar is concerned Boston also doesn’t compete. St. Louis was second only to Detroit in auto-manufacturing jobs ( both my father and grandfather are UAW Local 2250).  Where I grew up in North County the entire economy was based on the blue-collar industrial-economy. The only people I ever met with college degrees were preachers or teachers. A St. Louis hoosier is a working-class grimey white guy sneered at by West County pussies like Joe Buck and yuppie assholes like Leary.

Southie, Charlestown, and the like are nowhere near as grimey as parts of North County, Hyde Park-Old North, deep South City, Lemay, etc. . Whitey Bulger would have been Buster Workman’s towelboy in the joint.

Someone also told me Leary has something to do with “stuff white people like” website. For those not familiar Stuff White People Like is basically a funny list of stuff white yuppies like. I don’t know very many white people in St. Louis that are into any of that shit. Definitely nobody I grew up with. I do know Boston, even Southie now, is full of latte sippin, expensive-cheese eatin, gerbil in the ass dippin, European beer toasting, Prius driver coasting yuppie assholes. Go to Fenway Park half the crowd not even from New England.

What Boston has is being on the East Coast which gives it the advantage of media and Hollywood bias. Dennis Lehane writes good stories: but there are the same stories and more in St. Louis where we have a heroin and Lean epidemic followed by years of a crack epidemic. You got some celebrites from Boston who make good movies I actually like : but given a shot we have that same kinda talent in St. Louis. Four world heavyweight boxing champions from St. Louis and plenty of other tough guys. Moral of the story? Fuck Boston. BTW, a buddy of mine still has the tooth of a Boston cop he knocked out during the 2004 World Series.


In other matters enough with the fear-mongering. No terrorist gives a fuck about St. Louis. Boston Marathon Bombing? Whoopty freakin do. 3 dead. We got 3 killed in St. Louis on a regular basis. So enough with the Boston Strong bullshit pimping of a tragedy and the fear-mongering by local St. Louis media.

Go Cards.