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A Story of the Stages to Being Homeless

I always say that cab drivers are like high school students in that drivers form cliques and some groups don’t like other groups. Personally, I don’t really fit into any of the main groups (immigrants, angry white men who listen … Continue reading

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Obama The New President, America Far From Post-Racial: A Drive Down MLK

This Tuesday, the day after the national observance of the Martin Luther King holiday, Barack Hussein Obama, an African-American, will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America making him the most powerful man in the … Continue reading

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Auto Industry Bailout Causes Rift Within Obama Coalition

Tariq Nelson has talked a lot about the auto bailout recently and I will attempt to approach it from a different angle Insha’Allah. President-elect Barack Obama brought a coalition of diverse groups of people together to win the election. It … Continue reading

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Where Does Everyone Go From Here?

A day or so after the monumental victory of President-elect Barack Obama in the presidential election life still goes on in America. Those who simply disagreed with the policy positions of Obama are chalking this up as a loss and … Continue reading

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My Final Prediction: Obama 405, McCain 133

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