Violence, Norman Mailer, a What If and a Fight

A 13 year old boy in the Bronx who was a good student and just arrived from Ghana was stabbed to death for his cell phone he was talking on by two other teenagers. An Orthodox Jewish man was gunned down as he tried to move his car in Crown Heights. A high school kid in Queens was hit by a car and his leg was ripped off by a cray middle-aged female driver who had just hit someone else and was fleeing the scene from the first accident.

Violence and danger is all around us at almost all times. In prison they say that any time you fight you should be ready to fight to the death and that means being ready to kill or to be killed. Boxer Roy Jones Jr. who breeds hundreds of fighting game-cocks on his Florida ranch said ” I like them because they are like me….they are ready to fight or die at a moments notice.”

There are those who are naive and who juts do not realize how violent people can be and they walk around all day with no sense of security and are not aware of their surroundings and these people are easy victims. Or as a cop I know would say they are “volunteer victims”.

IF you have any good sense, and know anything about the world, then you should know that you should be security conscious at all times. That means amongst other things; don’t count your money in public, don’t jog or walk around listening to your ipod at night or in areas known for crime, don’t pull your razor cell phone out in front of people who look unemployed, use your venetian blinds or buy some ( don’t give the burglars a heads-up by letting them know the lay-out of your house by letting them look right in your home), and use other common sense measures.

Of course a lot of it just doesn’t matter because cowardice is so prevalent in society today. People make jokes about how big of pussies they are and then chastise guys who don’t wanna walk around wearing a purse and watching Brokeback Mountain.

The Prophet Muhammad (s) instructed the believers to fight and defend our property. That means alahamdudulah, that as a matter of faith we should not surrender our property to thieves and bandits and that is we die defending our property that we die as shahid. Many will say why should we die for property? Why should we not just let the robber get what he wants and then be gone? It is about principal; if you succumb to hm once then he knows hes got you and the next thing you know Muslims have the reputation of being easy victims and this is an important point.

In New York why are Asian owned bodegas robbed much more than Arab or Dominican owned bodegas? Because as a rule the Asians are easy victims and the Arabs and Dominicans will either fight or extract revenge letter. Why white Bobos picked for mugging and robbery all the time ass the schlep around time from the coffee shop to the boutique? They are easy victims and they do not even know how to defend themselves even if they had the will.

Norman Mailer and Son
Norman Mailer is one of my favorite writers and he is an old school writer, political activist, thinker and guy. He came from a generation where it was understood that men didn’t have to cut their balls off in order to be intellectuals or artists. That you could still talk like a man and act like a man and be progressive minded. Yesterday I heard an interview with Mailer and his 27 year old son John Buffalo on NPR. They have co-authored a book The Big Empty : Dialogues on Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker and Bad Conscience in America together ( and yea I have to admit that I started to change the channel but when I heard the word boxing in the title I decided the stay tuned). The son was OK, and he still has not fully developed, and he had very good ideas relating to how technology is changing society, but you could see the generational difference. The young Mailer still sounded like a guy, in contrast to many of today’s middle-class and upper-class males whose sisters voices are deeper than theirs; but he said that he wanted to see a day when women ruled the world. He said it had never been done and that maybe they could do things better; The elder Mailer wisely stated that women would do juts as bad a job as men. Is this the new ideology of the young left? Give the world to Suzy and Jane and maybe shell let us shine her shoes? If you look at the female worship you see in he words of many , and vilification of all things male, it makes me wonder.

What If?
What if people began having operations that made grown adults look and sound like children and then demanded to go to elementary school once again and to be called and treated like a child and to even go into the bathrooms with kids. What if after a period of time these people gained popularity and that it became politically incorrect to call them mentally-ill and that the opinion masters in Manhattan called anyone a puritanical bigot who criticized them and spoke out against them?

For anyone who enjoys a good boxing match like a do I would advise you to tune into Showtime in Saturday night to watch the American Jeff Lacy, who many see as the future of the Super Middleweight division, take on the undefeated Weslsh veteran Joe Calzaghe live from Manchester, England. If I were betting I would be putting my money on Lacy.