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Mosque Pedophilia and the Culture of Secrecy

I really don’t plan on writing very much on Islam in America anymore or the situation within the American-Muslim community. I am still basically on the “Jummah at the Crib” tip that I alluded to an in earlier post. Mosques, … Continue reading

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There is Forgiveness in Islam

I have not been writing because as I stated before I have just moved into a house and decided that I would not write until after my wife gives birth inshaAllah. However, there is one topic that I would like … Continue reading

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Working Class Muslim Families Series Part Three: Moving To a Better Muslim Community

I cannot tell you how many dozens of Muslim friends I have from St. Louis and other parts of the Midwest who have one desire burning in their heart and that is to get out of the Midwest ( or … Continue reading

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10 Tips For Those Attending MANA

Since I am not going to be able to make it to MANA here is some advice for all of those who will be attending. Sisters, that brother from Philly is not really interested in taking you to Bilalian Gardens … Continue reading

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Why Do Converts Get Married at a Younger Age than Born Muslims

I was searching the internet yesterday and was researching the topic of marriage and the Muslim family and was brought to a forum where the question was asked “why do reverts get married at younger ages than born Muslims?”   … Continue reading

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