Death and A Carnival: On The Tragic Murder of Nabra Hassanen

Thank you Abu Musa for sharing the video of another of the teens with Nabra. The kid elaborated on the altercation that began things that ultimately led to the horrible murder of Nabra. From what he described it was a typical young male altercation, free of any bias or phobia, that went way too far and ended in the death of a young woman. While her body was still warm some activists began pushing the theory that this was a hate-crime despite any evidence and many on Twitter were eager to co-sign. Irresponsible people ran with that  narrative on social media. Sloppy journalists picked up on it. And even, have you no fucking decency, some began visiting the family and the community to encourage them to insist this was a hate crime. Instigators and those who dance on the blood of the dead for their own agenda are quick to start shit, but if their bullshit causes violence between Muslims and Latinos they’ll be far away. Probably in New York sucking up some media attention. All of us have a responsibility to the truth, to think about what we share on social media before we do, and to first and foremost comfort the suffering and not try and exploit them. Northern Virginia will see a few things in the coming days:
-Outside activists pushing  a narrative that best coincides with their agenda quickly followed by fundraising efforts 
-White allies mostly in the form of fringe political zealots looking to exploit a tragedy to organize for their agenda 
-Media, both right and left, looking to feed their base with cheap clickbait 
Who will be with the family after she is a hashtag though?  For birthdays?  For anniversaries of this tragedy? To call in the middle of the night?