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A Response: ISIS, The Sword, and My Critics

In recent days I have came under attack from a vitriolic and hateful group of right-wing bloggers and Twitter trolls upset about my advocacy for justice for Mike Brown in Ferguson. A smear campaign ensued which included many lies, distortions … Continue reading

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Lesson From Islamophobic Teacher Firing

It is important to remember when we are discussing issues of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bias in America that there are real consequences to Islamophobia and they are often felt most by Muslim children. Take this story as an example out … Continue reading

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A Bogus Allegation, Insincere Email and a Quran School Burns

Just a couple of hours ago I was forwarded this email below from the discredited hate-monger David Gaubatz . Yes, the same Gaubatz that Tariq Nelson and I caught in a fake conversion at the Dar al Hijrah Masjid and … Continue reading

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