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They Hate Women 

(James Hodgkinson at his job as an inspector in Belleville, Illinois) 

In the hours after St. Louis area native James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican members of Congress and others in Alexandria, Virginia many thoughts crossed his mind. Many are related to Hodgkinson growing-up in Belleville, Illinois and are part of another piece I submitted. Other thoughts revolve around gender which I briefly summed-up in a Facebook status; 

I don’t need a CVE grant and to sip wine with academics to know a commonality between terrorists of all stripes is attitudes towards women. Muslim dude extremists believe feminism and westernized thought has robbed the Muslim man of his leadership and role. Fragile masculinity. You can see this fragile masculinity and rage against women on display with the misogynistic Muslim writer Daniel Haqiqatjou. The right-wing extremist also has a beef with feminism and refers to opponents as “cucks” centering their view in sexuality. Now, we have many on the far white left, who have been raging against Hillary Clinton and women angry Bernie lost. Again, back to women.

Allow me to go into this topic a little further here. Islamist rhetoric globally is filled with rhetoric coupled with action that the West and Jews are seeking to “corrupt” Muslim women via un-Islamic academic teachings, Hollywood, the internet, and the policies of secular governments. In Saudi Arabia a system of “male guardianship exists” similar to what exists in Taliban-ruled areas of Afghanistan and ISIS and Al-Qaeda controlled areas in Syria and Iraq. A woman literally cannot leave home without male-permission and travel more than a short-distance without a male family-member acting as a chaperone. 

While these laws and cultural norms are guarded in some Muslim countries by the brute force of the state and vigilante violence of families in America such outlooks get an academic touch-up from Muslim conservative writers and thinkers. The most prominent of such online  writers is Daniel Haqiqatjou. Haqiqatjou is a Harvard-educated Iranian-American obsessed with attacking feminism, defending male guardianship,  and recently even defending Virginia Imam Shaker ElSayed after he gave a talk encouraging female genital-cutting at the Dar al Hijrah Mosque. Dar al Hijrah has a history including formerly employing Imam Anwar al-Awlaki who went onto lead al-Qaeda in Yemen before being killed in an American drone strike, being the mosque of the Fort Hood shooter, being the mosque to several convicted and many more alleged Hamas members, and at least two of the 9-11 hijackers prayed there. Promotion of political violence and violence against women go hand in hand with conservative extremists in Virginia just as it does in Syria or Gaza. 

The rise of the “alt-right” and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump gave birth to many new words in the American political lexicon. Perhaps the most popular of these words is “cuck”. Before the presidential campaign I had never heard this word and had to Google its meaning. Now I see it repeatedly on Twitter on a daily basis. For those of you too lazy to Google “cuck” is short for “cuckold” which means a man in a relationship with a woman in which she has multiple sexual partners, the man sometimes watches, and he’s often denied sex. 

The fact that the alt-right ( and I’m being generous with this description) is using the word cuck to describe opponents illustrates sexuality is at the center of their political discourse. The European cuck supports European immigration which will mean white women having sex with, getting married to, and having children with Muslim and African men. The European liberal is a cuck because he’s insufficiently protective of white women.

In America white men supporting progressive policies on immigration are referred to as cucks because they are supportive of Latino, Muslim and other immigrants and refugees. Again, the rhetoric is the same. The progressive male is a cuck because he’s not protecting white women from both immigrants and African-Americans. Of course this is nothing new in America. From slavery to the Ku Klux Klan to segregationist preachers White Supremacy in America has often been couched in the language of protecting white women from black men. 

The Muslim conservative and the alt-right are in agreement they are the protectors and guardians of women who must follow their leadership and guidance in rejecting foreign men and influences. When women don’t comply violence often ensues. 

However, the left is immune from this? Right? Not so much. I have to admit as a guy who likes Bernie Sanders I thought the “Bernie Bro” thing was bullshit. That is until women friends of mine such as writer Sarah Kenzidor began getting viciously attacked online by Bernie supporters often invoking rape threats and crude sexual language. 

Just the other day this Bernie Sanders supporter who can’t let the election go attacked Joy-Ann Reid

While I don’t want to engage in moral equivalence and the problems of Bernie Bros are not out right as violent they are nonetheless problematic. James Hodgkinson himself had a history of violence against women.  Combined with anger over Hillary Clinton “stealing” the nomination from Sanders he was enraged.

Angry men.

Seeking control of women.


Erupting in violence.  

Masculinity so fragile. 
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