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A Follow-up to the Texas “Honor Killing” Piece

I think that there have been a lot of good comments to the piece the other day on the killing of the two Muslim girls in Texas, masha’Allah. I am in agreement that it is true that many in the … Continue reading

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Tragic Murder of Two Muslim Girls, FOX News, and the Hate Speech of Brigitte Gabriel

Normally I make a conscious effort to not watch Fox News because every time I do I end up getting angry at all the nonsense I am hearing and I am not trying to let Sean Hannity send me to … Continue reading

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What is Going On in Pakistan With Crazy Men Killing Their Daughters?

It seems as if a Pakistani man, from the same Pakistan as Mukhtar Mai, murdered his eldest daughter for marrying against his will and slit the throats of her three younger sisters because in the future they might do the … Continue reading

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