A Victory For The Streets: AC Units Being Installed at The Workhouse

I drove by the City Workhouse earlier today and have now confirmed temporary AC Units are being installed. This is the statement I made on social media: 

Time to press the issue. The momentum is at our backs and Mayor Lyda Krewson is now playing a game of defense. In my opinion it’s time to look at applying some pressure towards and stiffening our resistance to the State of Missourah in light of recent hostilities towards St Louis from Missourah Governor Eric Greitens and the State GOP. 

Governor Eric Greitens and St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson Announce Crime Plan in North St Louis 

Earlier today Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson delivered addresses at the Riverview Plaza Shopping Center in North St Louis on their new plans on combatting violent crime in St Louis.  Some key aspects of this plan include utilizing the Missouri Highway Patrol to monitor interstates through the city, the city police restarting the narcotics squad, cracking down on guns and a variety of other measures.  Critics of the plan, including State Senator Jamilah Nasheed noted it was basically unfunded “running Peter to pay Paul”. Others have noted with Gov. Greitens supporting right-to-work and slashing the minimum wage of St Louis workers it hardly puts him in a good position to “tackle the root causes of crime”. 

Protesters gather to greet Gov. Greitens
St Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts has a word with interim St Louis Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole
Riverview neighborhood residents protesting speeding
State Rep Bruce Franks
St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson
Missouri Governor Eric Greitens
15th Ward Alderwoman Megan Green on hand protesting the governor 
A scene from the once thriving Baden neighborhood in North St Louis on the way to the event

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Umar Lee, Sarah Kendzior, and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens after a talk he gave at a Bosnian restaurant in South St Louis

Umar Lee and Tishaura Jones at the Missouri State Capitol