DC-Baltimore Man Comparison

Having spent the weekend in Baltimore  and a lot of time there over the last week I can tell you that while the two cities are connected by the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, the MARC train and share an airport the two cities have almost nothing in common.

Washington, DC is the nation’s capitol and it is home to the federal government and the many tens of thousands of jobs that are provided by the government. If you are not working for the government you are working for contractors who work with the government. Other than that you have political and civil-rights types of organizations in DC, think-tanks, lobbyists and various associations. In the suburbs you have a lot of information technology and low-level service jobs worked by immigrants (legal and illegal) and in Northern Virginia a lot of federal law-enforcement and military types and that is the DC area.

If you are not in black DC almost no one is from DC. The majority of the residents of the metro area are rootless coming from other areas of the country and could not even tell you the history of their generic subdivision. People wear Washington Nationals caps who have only lived in the area a month or two and that is the bulk of the fan-base of that generic team. Others cheer for DC United without even knowing the rules to soccer as they have some kind of infatuation with Europe and they think attending soccer matches will make them more European.

The average white resident of DC itself that I have seen around my apartment could be a poster child of globo yuppiedom. Males walking around in tight shirts, coochie-cutter jeans, and man-bags chatting away on I-phones in high-pitched voices on their way to overpriced coffee shops and restaurants. . They live in DC far from Cleveland or Kansas where they grew up and are acting out a life void of foundation. Few seem themselves as traditional and the vast majority shun religious observance. Atheism and agnosticism are popular with this crowd and if they dare attend religious services it is more often than not at some watered-down offshoot church or synagogue. Ironically, this group of males that has the greatest inclination towards sexual deviancy and greatest hostility to religion is the group I see more and more misguided Muslim males gravitating to (raised in the man-hating public education system and by clueless or deviant Muslim parents).

Black DC is a tad better, I guess. I mean the people are actually from DC so if they are wearing a Redskins jersey they can do it with pride and not like some moron from Cincinnati who wants to fit in with his buddies so he puts away his Bengals jersey. Black Washingtonians have roots and a foundation in DC. It is their home and there are many hard-working black men in DC, Maryland and even VA holding it down and an educated upper-class associated with Howard University and other elite institutions. Unfortunately, the DC black male also seems to be the pioneer in the “down low” field if such a thing exists and in the federal prison system.

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