Johnny Reb Leaves Forest Park

Johnny finally left St Louis. He thought to himself it was fitting that he leave on a hot and humid day sweltering just like the days when his people burned in Atlanta and waged war in the backwoods and swamps of Mississippi . He had fought hard for many generations fending off the entrance of foes to restaurants, subdivisions, neighborhoods and elected office. Johnny had inspired this city and it existed in his image. His army of grey inspired a young army in blue and each day the young soldiers passed Johnny sent them his love. Johnny whispered words of comfort as Ferguson erupted in enemy protest and sent his moral support to the warriors in his path. Looking back Johnny knew there was no one who could say he hadn’t fought the good fight. Nor had he not been a strong ally of his brother and neighbor Louis and a brother in arms to his distant relation permanently aroused on the St Louis Riverfront for all to see. Every year Johnny welcomed a veiled prophet to proselytize to the faith. After facing weeks of physical assault Johnny knew his time was all but up. After all Johnny had waived the white flag of surrender before. As recognition turned to grief Johnny found solace in scripture. Johnny vowed to live on in spirit after his physical departure from this world. After all, Johnny came to St Louis decades after Lee surrendered at Appomattox. When the last blows came to Johnny to remove his physical presence from this world he said a prayer to himself “I’ve now sacrificed my body for you, I now only exist in spirit and in your hearts, now go and spread my gospel to the uttermost places of St Louis, I shall live through you .”