County Brown Calamity: Bobby Two Scoops and Belmar North of Delmar 

A couple of years ago South St Louis County native Steve Stenger was running for office with the backing of big business, the white Democratic establishment, and a fair number of GOP voters. Stenger promised to clean-up St Louis County and provide better leadership than the previous County Executive Charlie Dooley. 

Doesn’t appear to be happening. 

Amid increasing signs St Louis County is continuing to lose population, North County is continuing a downward spiral, and rates are poverty are increasing comes two new scandals. 

Bobby “two scoops” McCullough is scheming to get rich off pensions

First we have the case of County Prosecutor Bobby “two scoops” McCullough (Two Scoops the name given by Mark Loehrer). McCullough, as you may recall, is the same prosecutor who refused to pursue charges against Darren Wilson and has generally been on the wrong side of almost every issue you can think of from drunk-driving to the “war on drugs”.

Now we see that despite decades of sub-par service to the people and a tenure rocked by controversy McCullough is lining himself up to get two fat pensions.  
County Brown Not Around 

Moving onto St Louis County Police and their Chief Jon Belmar. Crime has gone up on the Metrolink. People are getting robbed, people are getting killed, and you got St Louis County cops loafing around at the North Hanley Metrolink Station not doing their jobs. There are now calls for an investigation

A dirty cop seeks to cover the surveillance camera so he and his buddies can dick around while they’re supposed to be working

So much for a smoother St Louis County under Bob McCullough