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Dr. Sherman Jackson Lecture in Chicago “What is Our Mission?”

What is Our Mission? Islam Beyond Ritual and Words by Dr. Sherman Jackson (Written on the Amtrak to St. Louis forgive me if there are errors) This past Sunday December the 8th I had planned to be coming back from … Continue reading

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Working Class Muslim Families Series Part 5: The Mainstreaming Option, Education and Selective Engagement

At this point in time there will be many reading this who are thinking one of two things (or both). First, they are thinking the issues I am discussing and the dreams and aspiration of working-class Muslims in America I … Continue reading

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New Series: Questions for Working-Class Muslim Families in America

( Note: The coding problem has been fixed so you can view the spot properly and comments are closed to the end of the series but I really look forward to the discussion insha’Allah) I recently spoke to a brother … Continue reading

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An Attempted Exorcism and Thoughts on the American-Muslim Future

Insha’Allah I will finish the Sharia post when I have time. I have been working so many hours lately I am fatigued and do not have he mental energy when I am off work to tackle such a serious issue. … Continue reading

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Message to American-Muslims on the Eve of the Election

The night before last a police officer who had been on the job for decades was shot and killed in his squad car. His car was parked in a spot I frequently parked at and from all reports a deranged … Continue reading

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Error in the War on Error

There is a new book out by an Atlanta-area Muslim attorney by the name of Melody Moezzi titled “War on Error: Real Stories of American-Muslims”.The book is an attempt by Moezzi to give another vision of the lives of young … Continue reading

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A Follow-up to the Texas “Honor Killing” Piece

I think that there have been a lot of good comments to the piece the other day on the killing of the two Muslim girls in Texas, masha’Allah. I am in agreement that it is true that many in the … Continue reading

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