Famous Passengers in My Cab

Wayne Newton: Mr. Las Vegas, singer, and actor. Took from the Chase Park Plaza to the Airport we listened to Tiger Woods apology press conference on the way.

Dave Duncan: Former St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach. Picked up several times. Real nice guy.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters- picked her up. An honor. What sge did on the CIA and their role in cocaine was major.

Chris Duncan: Former Cardinals player and ESPN 101.1 radio personality. Picked up several times. Usually with a hot gal

Jeannie Duncan: Wife of Dave Duncan. Picked up from J.Bucks in Clayton. Very nice lady God bless her soul.

Chipper Jones: Former Atlanta Braves great. Took from the stadium to Union Station.

Terry Pendleton: Former Cardinal I cheered for as a kid. Now in the Braves organization. Nice guy.

Bobby Bonilla: Former MLB slugger. Took to the Casino Queen. A dick.

Harry and Ty Keough: The two St. Louis soccer legends and hall-of-famers. Took them from their home to the airport on a trip to the soccer hall of fame. Harry has since passed bless his soul. Two gentleman.

Congressman Russ Carnahan: Picked up a couple of times and discussed politics. Nice guy even if I voted for Lacy. A good public servant.

Howard Fineman: Picked up at the Chase and took to Wash U. Heard his voice and I turned around and said “Howard Feinman they let you go grey”. I wanted to talk politics. He wanted to talk St. Louis restaurants.

David Freese: St. Louis Cardinals star of the 2011 World Series, local guy and socialite. Picked up a few times out on the town.

Numerous Blues: I don’t follow hockey but I have had numerous Blues, including one I had a tussle with, some I have had include Patrick Berglund, David Perron and there is a black blues player whose name I cant remember and cant find. All three real of those guys real nice.

Baseball: Have picked up players from other teams and I didn’t know who they were.

Shanice and Flex: The R&B dive and the actor ( a married couple). Picked them up from Sweetie Pies and ended up picking them up a few times and Flex and I chatted about boxing. Derek Lee: Former Cubs first baseman and Pittsburgh Pirate. He was playing for the Cubs at the time I asked him “hey man when you gonna make it to the Big Leagues.”. Jaime Garcia: St. Louis Cardinals pitcher. I told him the Cards sucked. He said “we are a good team just not playing well”. He was right they went on to win the World Series in 2011.

Dan McLaughlin: St. Louis Cardinals announcer. Cool guy. I actually laughed though because my childhood friend Danny Dunn is who gave him his DUI.

Howard Stern’s daughter: She graduated from Washington University and I picked her up there.

Ed Ruth:
Three time NCAA wrestling champion for Penn State and USA wrestling world team member

Local people: Have had several local media people and minor celebreties.

In August of 2015 I was fired by Laclede Cab for my political activism. At this time I’m not driving a cab.


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