An Apology to Russia and Congratulations Russia on Sochi Winter Olympics

As an American I would like to congratulate the Russian people on the excellent job they have done in preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics. I will look forward to viewing the games, cheering on our American athletes, and taking in the beauty of Sochi. Sochi was built as a “working-class” vacation resort and in this world of increasing disparity let us hope it can become that once again.

I would also like to apologize to the Russian people for all the blatant xenophobia and cultural-imperialism that has been displayed by the American media and many in the American public. Clearly many in American are rooting for the games to fail just as they did in 1980 in Moscow. CNN has resorted to non-stop Russia-bashing. It would seem that nothing would please CNN more than a terrorist attack to disrupt the Olympics. I am praying for the safety of all at the games.

While I may not agree with Russian President Vladimir Putin on everything Russia is a great nation with a great history and deserves our respect. Great writers, artists, musicians, and leaders have called Russia home. Millions of Russians gave their lives in the Great Patriotic War and helped to save Europe and North America from fascism. Just last year President Putin helped put the brakes on what would have been a disastrous Ameican intervention in Syria on the side of al Qaeda backed rebels. For that action the American people owe Putin a great debt.

Let us all hope for a great Olympics and stop the hate.

Umar Lee Challenges Joe The Plumber to a Fight

Joe the Plumber is now headed to Gaza as a war correspondent for the conservative, anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli website Pajamas TV.

I challenge Joe to a fight, we can either do boxing or MMA. If I win the proceeds go to the children of Gaza, if he wins the proceeds go to Israel. I encourage my readers to email Pajamas TV in support of this event.