How To Know if You are a Rhodesian

Rhodesians are a segment of the Globo population. Globos are urban yuppies who are the victors in globalization and have come to the cities and replaced the poor, union-workers and working-class in general who are the losers in globalization. It is a variation of the term Bobo (Bohemian bourgeois) that David Brooks of the New York Times uses. Rhodesians are the segment of this group who settle in the poor and minority neighborhoods and who open the places up and make it safe for other whites to come in (these shock troops are often artsy types and gay males) and inherit the vision of African colonizers such as Cecil Rhodes and thus the name Rhodesians.

You are a guy and you are walking around wearing capris

You are a guy and you wear tight t-shirts that show off your bony body

You work for six bucks an hour at a shitty job just to get your parents off your ass who are paying your rent (which is probably at least a grand to 2 grand a month)

You are scared to ride the subway at night unless you are with a group.

You eat all-natural food, and may even be a vegetarian, but eagerly support the normalization of sex-change operations and non-traditional child-bearing methods.

You consider yourself a liberal but you hate your black and Latino neighbors and the only time you enjoy seeing people of color is when they are serving you overpriced food in Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn.

You hate poor people; but have chose to live in a poor neighborhood, but don’t worry; in a few years they will all be gone.

You move in to the neighborhood six months and you are trying to tell people who have lived there 20,30, 40 or 50 years what kind of door knob and door they should have on the home they bought.

You profess to hate manly men but have the cops on speed dial; people who otherwise you would consider to be brutish cavemen.

The pets that you pamper and treat like royalty that you parade down the street get better healthcare then 80% of the neighborhood.

Walking from Queens to Brooklyn With My Thoughts

I went for a long walk the other night at about two in the morning. I started out in the Maspeth section of Queens and ended up in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. I walked for blocks and blocks along Grand through an area that has been described as desolate and in need of development so that it can merge nicely into the working-class areas of Maspeth and the gentrifying globoland of Williamsburg. Yet as I walked block after block I saw factories and warehouses that were open late at night, parking lots full of the cars of workers, and the sound of American industry in the air.

If America is going to be a nation that has a middle-class in the future, and if New York is going to be a city that is home to a working-class, than it is these kinds of areas that need to be preserved as they are slowly dying. In New York there are few left to fight for these places; so called liberal globo progressives are more concerned about creating urban lifestyle centers where they can live like grad students until they are forty and be served liked queens by underpaid undocumented workers at high-end restaurants and coffee shops and those on the left that are fighting the Rhodesians* are only concerned about issues such as affordable housing and raising the minimum wage, that while crucial, doesn’t address the issue of keeping good paying jobs in the city.

As I looked at the plates on the back of the cars of the workers I wondered how far they had driven to get to work. Could they afford to live in the neighborhood? Or did they not want to raise their families in neighborhoods with failing schools and dangerous influences?

On issues like these I feel that many Muslims are lacking in perspective. First of all there are few Muslims in America like me, that are white American converts who grew-up amongst the folk and connected to the culture. African-American Muslims understand these issues in some ways, as the economic effects of globalization on American workers has hit them the hardest; but the preservation of urban neighborhoods has not been the issue until recently amongst blacks because of the fact that the migration of the black middle-class to the suburbs has been even greater in the black community than it has in the white community. A young black professional that buys a brownstone in Bed-Stuy will likely get a “man, you paid a million dollars to live in the hood? You could have lived with my aunt for a few hundred bucks a month” while the white globo will get a “wonderful, that’s marvelous, is it a pre-war, my what character in that building”.

Immigrant Muslims in large part have never been connected to the folk and are largely connected to corporate America and have grown-up on MTV, suburbia, mindless consumerism, and shopping and eating at chain establishments (or aspiring to). When they see the white working-class they frown at the rednecks while welcoming the emasculated globos and when they see African-Americans they are locking the doors when they are not passing them up in their cabs or selling them rotten meat.

Then my thoughts pass to this; what would be the ultimate dream for the Rhodesians? Well, it is not a dream it already occurred, and that is Hurrican Katrina, and wouldnt they love to see a Hurricane like that hit every Lower 9th Ward in every city in America? So they could come in and by up the land and then rehab and sit in their sidewalk cafes and read The Nation and talk about how liberal they are after the only poor people that are left in the hood are those that are serving them. Or was I thinking about my converstaion with a Chinesse cabbie and he asked me how could Muslims pray five times and day and then sit at the cab stand and brag about ripping off thier passengers?

I think of this as I walk, and maybe I think too much, because I am tired as hell, remember I have an appointment in a few hours, and don’t feel like walking back, but I do. And now all I am thinking of is my bed.

This article also appeared on NYC IndyMedia

Flat Out Police State Racist Plan in Brooklyn

My blood is boiling once again. If you want to know why just go and read this story on a popular Brooklyn gentrification blog and it is one of the reasons I am writing a refutation to Upskis Bomb the Suburubs. If you read the story you will see that you have Fulton Mall which is a popular pedestrian mall in downtown Brooklyn that is always crowded. It has prices that regular people can afford and serves food a lot of working people eat and is doing fine financially. But for no other reason than the bobo Brownstone owners surround the area do not like the type of people shopping in the area ( they are polite latte sippin bigots) they want to revamp the mall to make it loft condos and expensive and trendy restaurants and clothing boutiques that your average Brooklynite cannot afford to shop or eat in. There are already places like this in Brooklyn and all over Manhattan and if that is what you want then go there. There is Fulton Mall and 125 St for working people and they are gunning for them both and stores like Conways put clothes on the backs of children, the poor and the elderly.

What I cannot understand is how anyone, with any social conscious or progressive mind, can say that they honestly believe this is not wrong and not racist. Stop using the polite statements, this is just flat out old racism; but this time it is being engineerd by the secular urban elite. This is not only racist action and classist action as they seek the states power in removing the poor and the people of color; this is part of the Republican takeover of the city. Of course, once again, I will tel you these same people would never Vote for Bush, but they might as well. These are phony urban liberals who are worse today than any southern redneck.

Because there is no outrage at things such as this I am learning one thing; the white elite in this country, and those who run up behind them, on the Left and the Right, must be pretty silently united on these issues.

Fron the Blizzard: Schoolkid Terror and Urban Imperialists

Disciplining Children
If you wanna know where the real terrorists are in New York they get on the subway every weekday around three during the school year and they are the schoolchildren of the city ( middle schoolers and high schoolers mostly). Now of course at least half of these kids are functionally illiterate but they know every 50 Cent tune by heart and are rocking the newest sneakers to school. Of course those who would like the kids to wear uniforms are rebuffed by Manhattan-liberals ( with no kids in the public schools more than likely) who think creative expression is more important than preventing poor kids from getting made fun of because they cant afford stylish clothes and other kids who could get their brains blown out for wearing the wrong colors. This is the same crowd that also tells you that disciplining kids is passé; and who would have teachers locked up (as happened last week in the Bronx) for trying to put a little discipline in the classroom. Until then I will be on the train having Getzian fantasies or waiting for one of these punks to give me the excuse I need.

Eminent Domain Story from Brooklyn

It can be said that the bulk of the new urbanists fail into two categories; those who are in bed with big developers and those who are seeking urban revitalization from the grassroots level. One can argue that at the end of the day, despite how these two camps may view themselves, differently, they both are working towards the same goals of a more upscale and affluent city at the cost of the rooted working-class in the city and both have no qualms about using the power of the state to intervene on their behalf in order to displace undesirables.

A story today in the Brooklyn section of the New York Daily News has made my blood boil. A Greenpoint business owned by a man named Herb Engler is being taken out along with a number of other businesses by eminent domain from the city so they can build 10,000 upscale apartments for bobos. The city is using its power,and the power of the developers and the citizen groups who condone these Stalinist tactics to force long rooted and committed local business out of the area in order for the wealthy ( who a generation ago wouldn’t have dreamed of being in Brooklyn) to move in. The irony is that I guarantee you that a majority of these urban imperialists who will move into the apartments will fancy themselves as some kind of political progressives.

Mr.. Engler it seems in addition to being a committed local business man who took the courageous step and hired two parolees over a decade ago who have been with the company ever since.Where does this good citizenship get him in Bloomberg’s New York ?Absolutely fuckin nowhere unless his business can cater to the Latteheads.