Eyewitness Accounts to the Nabra Murder 

I’ve been talking to eyewitnesses to the Nabra Murder and people in the Northern Virginia Muslim community.  This video contains the eyewitness accounts as told to me. Basic facts:

-A young 17 year old high school student was murdered 

-the attacker sought to attack others in the group 

-The group of fifteen contained 5 Muslim males as well

-Witnesses don’t believe this was an attack motivated by hatred of Muslims 

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Where Does Everyone Go From Here?

A day or so after the monumental victory of President-elect Barack Obama in the presidential election life still goes on in America.

Those who simply disagreed with the policy positions of Obama are chalking this up as a loss and moving on with their lives.  The racists, the Islamophobes and right-wing nuts (see Freerepublic) are not taking this easy. You see they have thought, well forever, that they had the monopoly on what an American is and looks like. Now a black man with a Muslim name will be the commander in chief of the armed forces and the face of America to the world.

Many of these enemies of Obama will seethe in private and with friends and family. I am sure there are thousands of neighborhood bars throughout America from Staten Island to Simi Valley from the northern suburbs of Atlanta to Orange County full of talk about how America went wrong. Most will just run their mouths in private and are law-abiding if bigoted; but let us not fool ourselves there are going to be those who will turn to extremism and violence in this period.

It is no mistake that an upswing in right-wing violence occurred under the Administration of Bill Clinton. The right was angry and unlike most of the angry left under Bush it was armed, trained and many had military backgrounds. I expect such a thing to occur again although this time with a decidedly more racial tone. This will come from the Christian Identity Movement, Minutemen types, and even neo-Nazis; but while all of these groups can cause death and suffering on a small scale they are incapable of becoming a major threat due to a lack of popular support. Some of these people have the potential to become “dead-enders” meaning instead of seeing themselves as the ultimate Americans because of their whiteness and Christianity they may see themselves as an oppressed group and drop out of the mainstream they once defined. This type of thing has a greater chance of occurring in a bad economy.

My biggest concern, by far, is the widespread existence of right-wing extremism within the armed forces and federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies throughout America. If there is any real threat to Obama I think this is where it will come from. A vast majority of those in these agencies will do the right thing; but there are more than a few bad apples in these barrels and they have been known to step out of line

For the rest of us life goes on. Obama cannot do everything. He has to do his part and we have to do our part. We cannot have the failed “wait for the messiah” mentality that has doomed many cultures to failure. We cannot be utopian. Those who have came promising utopia in the past from the Soviet Union, China,  North Korea, Nazi Germany and even Libya under the Colonel have only succeeded in creating human suffering and misery. Man does not have the power to create utopia. What our leaders have the power to do, if we meet them half way, is the delivery of incremental change and on specific issues make changes that are better for the masses of the people while the society remains imperfect.

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Sameer Khan Attacks Umar Lee and Mahdi Bray

Once again I find myself being attacked by crazed Muslim fanatics who see Islam as only a deen of punishment and war and not a deen of mercy and love as I see it. They attack Imam Mahdi Bray along with myself for our concern for the people in California who are the victims of the wildfire and for our love of America and speak in words that are full of hate.I will not dwell on this topic for long, and I have debated the instigator in this matter Sameer Khan in the past and refuted him, I made the comments public and approved them and their insanity is open for the world to see. I say this once again to Mr. Khan; if you only want the death and defeat of America then get out from living in your parents basement in North Carolina, get a job, save some money and buy a ticket and go to Iraq to join your murderous brothers carrying out senseless acts of carnage against fellow Muslims and then I will take you serious while I pray for your defeat and the victory of sane Muslims in Iraq and until then you are a hypocrite for living in America. As for now you are just some young kid full of hate eating your mothers cooking living in your parent’s basement and are misguided and have a circle of young misguided Muslims around you who I pray for.

Questions From a “Shahid” Wanna-be and My Response to Death Threats

Over the weekend I was emailed by an aspiring “shahid” and the author of a blog that glorifies every act of any self-proclaimed jihadist no matter how sadistic and un-Islamic. I am not sure if this person lives in America or not, if they do then they are a pure hypocrite because how can they live and benefit from a land that they profess to hate? If they came here to America and were not born here did they not stand in line to get a visa because of some shortcomings in the land they came from?


The person who emailed me these questions is a Muslim brother by the name of Samir Khan. By his name I can say his origins are either from India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. If he is such a jihadist he should find more joy in living there than in the West.

The Questions and His Intro Follow:

How are you?

I have been getting some feedback from a few brothers that you hold and spread some views which can be considered dangerous to your Akhira.

Therefore, for the sake of Allah, from brother to brother, I would like to ask a few simple questions just to get your views (and perhaps, remove the brothers’ misconceptions).

I ask these questions just to fully understand your views before having an understanding that could be totally against what you believe.

Here are the questions from Samir Khan:

1. Generally speaking (no specifics), do you support the American Army in its war against those who call themselves the Mujaahideen?


I do not support the efforts of the United States to conquer any Muslim lands or to take non-defensive measures in the Muslim World against perceived threats. I do think that America, like any other nation, has the right to defend itself against legitimate targets, and Iraq is not such a target. As far as the issue regarding the mujahudeen, who are the mujahudeen? Any group of Muslims who get together and give themselves that title and proceeds to commit heinous acts?

2. Regarding the specifics of the above question, do you wish to see the destruction of certain Jihad groups (i.e., Islamic State of ‘Iraq, Taliban etc.)?

The Taliban brought nothing but misery to the Afghan people after a hopeful beginning that brought people together of different tribes. Where they able to feed the people? Or did the Taliban talk tough and then depend on UN handouts and NGO’s to feed the people in their glorious Islamic State?

Did they create a generation of more educated Muslim women who could teach their children or did they spread illiteracy amongst women of the Islamic and secular? As far as the “Islamic State of Iraq” is concerned I do not know the difference between them and the thousand other groups on Iraq. In general, I think that the Iraqi people have a right to defend themselves, however no matter what your grievance is you do not have the right to kill people indiscriminately and cut peoples heads off just because of the country they are from.

What if I was to cut the head off of the first Desi I saw because I was tired of riding on subway cars that smelled like curry and funk combined? Would I then be a mujahid? I can see little difference between that and the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Margaret Hassan.

3. Do you wish to see the establishment of the Islamic State or do you wish that it never comes (or that it is destroyed)?


There would have to be an Islamic State before it is destroyed; but, in general, I support Islamic parties who use moral and ethical means to seek power in Muslim countries as long as they are not of the Taliban ilk or are murderous in their efforts and have a clue as to what it means to live in the modern world and are willing to respect minorities and work with those who disagree with them .

4. According to Shari’ah, generally speaking, who is not an “innocent civilian”?


The answer to this is obvious; combatants and their commanders

5. To slightly expand on the above question, if the American Army was to be considered Muhaaribeen (those who are at war with us) in the Shari’ah, would you still consider them your “fellow citizens”?


The shariah opinion would have nothing to do with their citizenship status or mine. If you are an American and you wish for the deaths of American soldiers you need to leave the country because your existence here constitutes hypocrisy and ignorance; but maybe there is a reason people would rather sit in the AC and comfort of America then go back to the failed-states their families came from.

6. Finally, when does Jihad on the battlefield become fard ‘ayn?


That is a theoretical question that I do not have the answer. I do know this, we can have 100 million more so-called “mujahudeen” and the majority of the Muslim World would still be uneducated and live in poverty. I suggest that instead of running away to play Rambo that young men try and change the cultures of their societies so that the majority of the Muslims no longer live in poverty and the Muslim countries are not full of classism, corruption, racism, tribalism, and failed economic and educational systems.


Death Threats to Tariq Nelson and Myself

It has come to my attention that some Muslim fanatic has made a threat against the life of my good friend Tariq Nelson. This comes a day after receiving word that there has been a threat against my life from a camp of deranged Muslims. Regarding Brother Tariq I make duah for him and his family and completely agree with him that he is within his right to take such a threat to law-enforcement as we are not gangsters but law-abiding Muslims.

As for me, if the source of the threat is identified I will also report it to law-enforcement, if it is not, and Allah forbid, some idiot comes for me, I will just say this; if you come for me come correct or it will not be me who is having a jannazah and it will be your mother who cries and not mine.

Ismail, Hammad and Jerusalem

In the mood of sharing photos (blame Abu Sinan, he has got me in the mood) I am sharing a group photo I took along with Ismail Royer (click here to read more on the plight of Ismail and what he is doing while serving a twenty-year prison sentence) back in 1993. Amongst those also included in the photo are youth worker Naji Lawrence Adams, cabbie Pi and the late Maurice “Abdul-Muqit” Herd.

The African-American brother, with his young child, is Hammad Abdur-Raheem, a DC area Muslim brother who is in jail as a part of the Virginia 11 paintball case. The photo was taken when I visited him while he was on house arrest before his trial. Click on the link to learn how to help this brother.

The photo of me was taken on a rooftop of the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Anatta. You can see the beautiful Palestinian backdrop behind me. The rooftops of Palestine are a popular place for congregation and socializing amongst friends and family.

Bills and the Arab Corner-Store Owner

Recently Umm Zaid has been writing about the problems between Arab-Muslim liquor/corner/ bodega owners and the community in African-American and Latino neighborhoods. This highlights the fact that throughout America in the ghettos there are thousands of these stores owned by Arabs and they are almost all in black and Latino areas. In New York these stores are owned by Yemenis; but in most of the country they are owned by Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Iraqis and Syrians.

These stores are located in poor communities of color not because the store owners hold in particular animus against people of color; but for the following reasons; first it is easy to start a business in these areas because it is much cheaper and these are areas where Americans do not wish to do business in, the locals in the communities do not have the financial resources for the most part to start their own businesses, these areas are often dangerous and the job itself is dangerous so many established people don’t want to do it, the way of doing business in the hood is very informal and much more similar to the way of doing business in the Middle-East than the very tight and regimented way of doing business if they go to middle-class white America.

When the Arab immigrant is looking to do business in these areas, and he is more than likely being aided by someone already there, he is looking for something that will be a guaranteed source of profit and the corner store that sells snacks, drinks, lottery tickets, deli items and tobacco products will make good money if it is in a good location especially if it can accept food stamps; but it can make great money if it sells beer and liquor. It’s just that simple and the motivations are financial in nature; the deen is never taken into account.

Once they are in the store doing business then they branch out and try to make as much money as possible, sometimes legally and sometimes illegally, and many of these brothers go to jail for things such as food stamp fraud and selling stolen merchandise that they buy off of customers.

Some of these brothers after a period of time gain a little Taqwa and don’t want to do business any longer in selling swine and alcohol and so they look for another kind of business and I have seen this many times. They open up beauty supply stores, gas stations, dollar stores, cell phone stores or florist shops. All of these stores remain in black and Latino communities.

Others continue their lives in the corner stores and they raise their sons in these stores and their sons are influenced heavily be the pimps, hoes, crackheads, dealers and jackers who are in and out of the store all day and that is what they grow-up and become. The entire time their family is telling them, “don’t be like the abid”. Abid is the derogatory term used for blacks by Arabs and when asked where their store is these bothers will tell you “fil haya tul abid” meaning the place of the slaves.

For these brothers Islam doesn’t even enter the equation. The Muslims in the community, the African-Americans especially, may see this as an Islamic issue; but the store owners don’t. They feel that they are doing business amongst non-Muslims and in a land of kuhfr. When they go home they often do not tell the people what they do for a living in the US and the families really don’t care since they are desperately depending on the money that is being sent to them from the sale of Colt 45, Olde English, Thunderbird, Night Train, Black n’Milds, Swisher Sweets, Kools and Newports.

One often hears two myths about these brothers; the first myth is that the government is giving them money and helping them start businesses which is not the case at all (in fact in most places the government makes it as hard as possible and many of these brothers have almost no dealings with banks), and the second myth is that these brothers were “took out” (out of the deen) since coming to America; in fact most of these brothers had never been observant Muslims even back home wherever that is.

Which brings me to Bills. Bills was a store I use to hang-out in front of sometimes when I was like 14 or 15. It was owned by a Palestinian couple who called themselves Bill and Sandy. A group of my friends and I used to stand on the side of the store all day and drink forty ounce bottles of beer and cheap wine we had bought out of the store (which was actually bought by neighborhood drunks who we let keep the spare change for buying it for us) and Bill never minded that we hung-out on the side of his store and didn’t care that from time to time we were committing crimes on his property. He was cool with us and we were cool with him. That was until one day one of my friends named Ernest got mad at Sandy and asked her “are you bald or something bitch, what the hell do you got under that thing (meaning the hijab)”.

Later that night we were all standing on the side of the store and we were drunk and smoking weed when Bill pulled his car up and got out of the car and walked towards us with his pistol pointed at us. He said over and over “motherfuckers you talk about my wife?”

We all said “no, we love Sandy.” Bill walked off and let us be and that was that. After I became Muslim I visited the store because I wanted to talk to him but it was closed.

When I was in Palestine I asked the Grand Mufti what he thought about these stores and he told me they were haram; but that I couldn’t apply it to any specific cases. Meaning, in the typical Arab fashion, I will condemn it as long as it isn’t practiced by a prominent family in which case can I collect my taxes please.

What happened in Oakland, CA recently where African-American Muslims raided a store and smashed its merchandise has made national headlines; but this has happened many times before and there have even been suspicious murders of these store-owners in the past. The only thing different now is that this is on tape; if the news had tapes of every time Muslim brothers in Brooklyn got into it with the Yemenis on Fulton Street that could run a news marathon.

Many of these stores, in places like Brooklyn, are the exact same stores that a generation or two ago were owned by working-class Jews and one African-American brother I know calls the Arabs “the new Jews”. But, like many Jewish immigrants before them, these Arabs are willing to neglect the adherence to their religion in pursuit of a piece of the American pie for themselves and their families. It isn’t right and we should Islamically condemn it, and Dawah should be made to these families, but at the end of the day it is about money. Most of these Jewish former store-owners sent their kids to college and sold their stores when they got older as their kids became educated professionals and this is what the Arab store-owners should be doing. Unfortunately, I am seeing that when the sons get older he opens up his own store and the problem just gets bigger and bigger and many of these parents are telling their kids not to go to college because they already have a business waiting on them.

Muslim Observer Disgraces Itself

This is a copy of my email to the Muslim Observer in response to their front page story on Barbara Olson in the October 13th editon.

Here is my response to your disgraceful article on Barbara Olson. It is a shame that your paper has the respect it does in the Muslim community and I am embarrassed to have contributed to it in the past. May Allah guide you.

I am tired of hearing conspiracy theories from Muslims. We have real problems and in order to deal with these real problems our minds must be firmly rooted in what is real and not in some fantasy world of crazed conspiracies.

Nine Arab leaders are not secretly Jews, ten Jews in New York don’t secretly run the world, Sharon doesn’t bark orders to Bush, and there is no grand conspiracy behind 9-11. Problems in the Muslim World, and in particular the Arab World, are usually ignored and if they are dealt it is common that conspiracy theories will be proffered in order to escape the blame for the problem or the existence of a harsh reality.

Muslims sought to distance themselves from 9-11. It would have been enough to say that I am a Muslim and am opposed to 9-11 on religious and ethical grounds. Instead of dealing with the situation in this mature manner many Muslims have decided to deal with the problem in a childish and ridiculous manner by concocting out of thin air conspiracy theories.

Now I expect this from many of the rags in the Arab World whose writers don’t know the difference between serious journalism and fantasy writing.  Sadly I was wrong as I read in the latest edition of the Muslim Observer, a leading American-Muslim publication, that 9-11 victim and former conservative activist Barbara Olson was found and arrested in Italy with a small fortune. Perhaps the Muslim Observer can now join forces with Lyndon Larouche and promote his conspiracies of the British Queen and join Louis Farrakhan on the Mother Ship.