About Umar Lee

Umar Lee has appeared on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, Press TV Iran, BBC Radio, Voice of America, St. Louis Public Radio, St. Louis Public Television, numerous local news broadcasts, and a number of radio programs.

This blog began primarily focused on Islamic topics and particularly those relating to American-Muslims in addition to other random observations. It was once the number one blog by an American-Muslim discussing issues that had previously never been addressed in the American-Muslim community. Umar Lee won a Brass Crescent award for the Rise and Fall of the Salafi Movement in America which was later turned into an e-book.

Freelance and Political Writing

Umar Lee's work has appeared in The Guardian, Politico, Quartz, and a variety of other publications. In addition to that Umar's work can be seen in the St. Louis American. He is a former columnist for the St. Louis Evening-Whirl and Arch City Chronicle.

Muslim Writing

Umar Lee has been published in Islamonline, OnIslam, The Muslim Observer, The Muslim Link, The Islamic Post, MQ Magazine, and other Muslim publications.


Umar Lee has authored two St. Louis-based crime-fiction novels:

Two Party Twelver and the Muslim Brothers
Dunya Dust

In addition Umar Lee has written a number of short stories.

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