2017 Solar Eclipse From Rural Missouri


Today was on awesome experience of the Fellowship of the Eclipse led by Paul Fehler. We drove out to rural Missourah near Meramec Caverns and got a great view. Before viewing the Eclipse we got to see some interesting religious and political signage, meet a street evangelist, come in contact with people who’d travelled to Missouri from other states, and see a zoo of sorts which included a Lion. Check out my photos and video on Instagram: Umarilee and Snapchat: Umarlee. 


Happy to Stand With Maria Chappelle-Nadal 

Yesterday I was happy to stand behind State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal at Wellspring Church in Ferguson. The Senator apologized for her comments and stated she will not be resigning contrary to the wishes of the Missouri GOP, County Executive Steve Stenger, and Senator Claire Mccaskill. I fully support Maria. My comments can be found in the above linked article and in this TV report. 

Protest Outside of Busch Stadium 

Protesters gathered last night outside of Busch Stadium in Downtown St Louis  in remembrance of Anthony Lamar Smith as St Louis awaits the Jason Stockley verdict. Many on hand also expressed having heavy hearts over yesterday’s acts of violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. As a lifelong Cardinals fan it was unfortunate to see a number of Cards fans making obscene gestures and cursing at protesters. 

This guy was ejected from Busch Stadium for taunting protesters. The woman with him cursed at protesters and hit my phone while I was recording. Anyone know them?

And this is the @SLMPD cop who put his hands on me for no reason. Gotta be one of Roorda’s buddies. #STL

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