Abdul-Wali Nelson: Salafi Imam Rape Allegations 

Religion is most beautiful when it nourishes the human spirit and inspires the believer to be a better person. To be a better member of their family, to engage with others in a more just way, and to be a shining example to the community. Religion is a force for evil when it is used to exploit others, oppress others, and protect those engaged in evil.  

The Catholic Church has been rocked for decades by sex-abuse scandals. Hundreds of Catholic priests have been involved in abusing minors (and if we know about hundreds more than likely thousands were abusing). The initial reaction to the scandal by the church was to protect the image of the church and protect the honor and reputations of accused priests. Even today some still maintain that line of thought arguing this is all a “plot against the church”. 

Orthodox Jewish communities have been rocked by similar scandals. And, like the Catholics, their response has been most often to handle the matter internally and protect their members from the system giving the needs of the offender a higher priority than the needs of the victims. 

For years the Muslim community of Philadelphia has been rocked by scandals including “burqa bandits”, drug trafficking organizations, wife swaping, imam spiritual sex abuse of congregations, murders, section 8 polygamy, and almost anything else you can think of. This has mostly been within the Salafi community (although not exclusively). Of course these things don’t define the community. There is a lot of good going on as well that doesn’t make the news. Other segments of the community have seldom been hit with scandals. 

The latest scandal is very troubling. In the past I’ve heard rumors of a lot of rape going on between step-fathers and step-daughters. And, part of me says this is bound to happen when you have men getting married dozens of times moving in and out of households without the marriage being registered with the state and no proper system of background checks in place. Now we have a serious scandal involving the alleged sexual abuse of a child by a step-father. 

Abdul-Wali Nelson is a religious instructor from Philly who studied in Saudi Arabia. I don’t know whether Nelson (Willie Nelson) is guilty or innocent. What I do know is that the same destructive pattern has once again emerged. The focus is on protecting the rights of the man and ignoring the rights of the child. The “mandated reporters” Anwar Wright and Jamal Finch neglected their duties in reporting the allegations to authorities out of a misplaced sense of brotherhood. The mother is allegedly not seeking justice for her child for fear of being ostracized within her religious community (this is a textbook cult attitude). Meanwhile Abdul-Wali Nelson signed off social media and asked G-d for forgiveness so it’s all good… Not how this works bro. 

Brothers and sisters if you are a victim of Abdul-Wali Willie Nelson or you know anything about this case or others please contact authorities. Protecting children is the priority. Not anything else. 

Here is some audio from Abdul-Wali Nelson FYI. If this is a person of G-d we’re all in trouble. 

And these two are from a sister’s account on Twiiter. Wise words. This is a cult. A harmful destructive cult. 


20 thoughts on “Abdul-Wali Nelson: Salafi Imam Rape Allegations 

  1. don’t write stuff if you are not certain. It is haram. God tells us in Quran to not listen to a statement of hearsay as it is considered slander. Without proof of a crime, a man is innocent, and more than that, a man has a God-given right to his honour and dignity.

    1. What I know is everything needs to be investigated and not covered up in the name of religion. Let The jury decide. Right now I could give a fuck about the honor of Abdul-Wali Willie Nelson. And now we have an understanding and there is no need to argue. We disagree on this matter.

    2. Are you serious with this? You can’t hide behind “innocent until proven guilty” when you have the potential to stop harm to someone. This mentality is why the Catholic church has been allowed to do what it has done for the past few centuries.

    1. You yourself stated that you’re unsure of whether or not the man in question is guilty or innocent. You then drop hints, including implying possible guilt from him hiding and allegedly making Tauba, that you do find him shady and therefore guilty of at least something.

      This is speculation and attribution bias at best, and a blatant contradiction at worst.

      That said, the child being at risk, even potentially, needs to be investigated and verified. Calling the authorities is one thing, but if they themselves are notified and fairly proceed and examine all the available evidence, and it turns out that none of the alleged crimes were committed, would you be satisfied or would you cry conspiracy?

      This matters: it determines your true motives and metric. If your true motive is SOLELY AND ONLY to simply look out for innocent kids in light of terrible crimes that DO happen, then excellent 👌. But, then you ought scrutinze FB posts and random screenshots that definitively pass judhement: “…raped his…”

      You word your post with language that’s careful, echoing that these are *allegations* that should be reported. Yet, you don’t show any concern to the valid concept of a man having a right to his honour and dignity *if innocent*. You operate on a false dichotomy, just like the alleged enablers, by thinking you have to either look out for the child at the expense of an innocent man, or protect the honour of a guilty man at the expense of a victimized child.

      Not how it works bro. Contacting the people directly involved, esp those willing to cooperate with support, and working with them to contact the police and allow an internal investigation meets BOTH needs. It allows the child’s situation to be investigated, without blasting a man’s reputation and case publicly *without* evidence.

      Did you try this FIRST? Did you verify the screenshots you posted and what metric did you follow to do so?

      I hope you answer my questions instead of censoring them with deflections or throwing the baby (honour) out with the bath water (neglecting a potential vulernable victim’s needs).

      1. Well said. I would hate for this to be true. I believe every human being religious or not would hate for this to be true….. but I bet they would hate for an innocent persons name to be drug through the mud too.. keep in
        Mind this is a fb post that said the theirs firends friendsposted ..
        We can not and should not proceed to accuse someone or people with out some type of evidence. If this is true as disgusting as it is
        I pray that the authorities get a handle on this asap. But I must say I question this brothers reason to tittle this article salafi rape? It’s just as bad as Fox News or CNN when a person of Arab brackround commits a crime they say Muslim blank Blank.. putting all Muslims in the same category..
        then the foul language he used to respond to the comments proves the this man is not a reputable journalist and is just an around the way gossip site.
        if what the sister posted is completely true I pray that all crimes do not go unpunished in this case and if there isn’t truth to that post .. .. and if there were persons who were asked for help and didn’t I pray they get punished as well.I pray that Allah forgives us for jumping the gun and getting involved in tale carrying and backbiting. I pray for the truth to come out. Ameen.

      2. Thanks for the comment. In the court of law we are innocent until proven guilty. That is not the case in the court of public opinion. Since publishing this piece I’ve become aware there are two other sisters who accused him of trying to have sex with their daughters. Where there is smoke there tends to be fire and of course he deserves a legal defense that is his right. What saddens me is people let religion blind them to the point they don’t protect their own children and community members. That is cult behavior.

        I mentioned Salafi because the reality is there is something going on in the Philly Muslim community. Robbers, killers, dope dealers, drive by marriages, Imam sex abuse, welfare fraud, and more. This is just the latest example.

  2. I applaud the intent. But this is not how to handle this matter. Reporting on speculation without interviewing anyone? All the while from a city hundreds of miles away? I believe where there is smoke there is fire. But this article is all wrong and the investigation should be handled by local people not someone pouring gas on it from Missouri. If there is a small remote chance these allegations are false or there is another side the accused has been severely damaged. This is grandstanding reporting not investigative reporting. I’m not a fan of this style a little bit. I am interested in seeing justice served in either case be it the accused exonerated if he’s innocent or punishment to the fullest extent of the law in this life and in the hereafter. But to be tried and convicted by someone in Missouri off of sensationalism is not correct. Bringing light to the matter I agree with but this article went too many steps into investigation without speaking to anybody and that is overstepping your bounds. Sorry Omar but as you say, “That’s not how this works Bro.”

    1. In a similar manner that I talked to eyewitnesses to the Nabra murder within hours of the tragic killing and they all told me they didn’t think the incident was motivated by anti-Muslim bias. Yet that didn’t stop activists from running with that narrative.

  3. You said: “The ‘mandated reporters’ Anwar Wright and Jamal Finch neglected their duties in reporting the allegations to authorities out of a misplaced sense of brotherhood.”
    I believe you are referring to Jameel Finch, the imam of Masjid Bin Baz in South Philadelphia, is that correct? Could you provide evidence for this claim against him and Anwar Wright? These are known community leaders and respected prison chaplains who serve the needs of state inmates, and I worry that these are just rumors aimed at discrediting them, considering the passion of your writings against the Salafi Muslim community in America. Thanks.

  4. Muslims are no different than anyone else. You have good and you have bad. There has been numerous cases of Muslim men in Atlanta, GA who have, not only been accused of child molestation, but have been sent to prison for it. I personally know two Muslim men that I have been responsible for making sure their asses went to prison by following their cases. Both brothers attend Masjid Al-muminun in Atlanta and both were protected by the Imam and others in that community. There are others through Atlanta and Decatur that have been protected and nothing done about it. I am not afraid of them. They are cowards and true hypocrites. You can take what I say to the bank! These molesters were given keys to the masjid,sat on the front row during Jumuah and even hosted a weekly breakfast for the masjid, approved by the Imam. And still attend the Masjid as if they are honorable people. I carry a gun and will use it against anyone trying to harm me for speaking out! I have a legal gun permit and am a law-abiding citizen and Muslim for 36 years. I have twelve children and they are all proficient in the use of a firegun. And they love their mother and they, too are not afraid. I am not playing; this shit must stop. You brothers who travel the country seeking relations with women who have children and then subsequently sexually molest those children will be one day hung up by their balls. And you simple-minded sisters, you’d better wake up too and stop being afraid to speak out against these monsters. Allah is with the obedient and righteous!

    1. Sounds similar to a situation in the DC Metro. A member of the mosque administration was abusing boys for years. No one believed the boys. People attacked those who believed the boys. Eventually the administration was convinced. Out of the sake protecting the reputation of the boys and community they didn’t go to the authorities. His punishment was they took his keys and told him to stop coming to the masjid.

  5. If there is no speculation how can u know if it’s true or false? To speculate something there has to be a reason or suspicion. So I applaud this post! It will be the only way to find out the truth. If he is innocent. Great I will die down off fast but if he is not! This will get the matter dealt with and handle appropriate. God forgive us of our sins so to the person writing this if you are wrong asked for forgiveness and it shall be granted. If you are right too my hat to u for stepping up and making it known!

  6. Thanks Brother Umar for having the guts to blow the whistle on these religious hypocrites. You know and they know very well about the state of dysfunction in the Salafi community in Philadelphia and in other places. Unfortunately, many of these Negroes replying on this post, aid and abet women and children being harmed all because of their false de-contextualized notion of hiding another Muslims’ faults. Keep up the good work.

  7. Im not sure how true this story is but unfortunately it is not unique. Every time these leaders are in hot water it’s always a scheme to cover it up and then somehow blame the women scold the women …in the name of the religion we are told to cover the faults but to what extent man…like glad a brother had balls enough to at least but what’s out there OUT THERE! without being feared that they will be kicked out the Salafi club . I pray it’s not true but praying for the young women involved more! May Allah aid us all

  8. The salafi have always operated as a cult. They will marry a sister in the parking lot on Friday after jumah and be divorced by Monday without any knowledge of this man or his past history. There has been years of rumors of adult men swapping minor daughters
    Once they began their periods regardless of age and to avoid authorities move overseas. The women sit back as if they don’t have a voice and are bullied if they try to speak up. Women have been beat, tortured and violated for years and Islam used to cover the sins of the men. These brothers are mandated reporters and no they didn’t report of because there was no active investigation that’s the proof the family’s statement clarified that. It’s al shameful and as you stated cult like.

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