Tahir Wyatt and The Salafi Civil War 

I’ll readily admit I’m not involved in affairs as I once was and I’m certainly not abreast of the internal affairs within the Salafi Movement in America as I once was. Nor do I care to be. However, as the author of the Rise and Fall of The Salafi Movement in America, the man who retired “Imam Ike” “Dirty D” Dawud Adib and someone who takes an interest in the matter my interest has been peeked by the Tahir Wyatt affair. 

Tahir is a PhD candidate at the Islamic University of Medinah and a Philly native. In a matter similar to what happened to Abu Muslimah in East Orange, New Jersey in the late 90’s and Shadeed Muhammad years later Tahir has been put “off the minhaj” and in his case it is for the crime of “associating with and doing business with deviants”. If you support Tahir or attend his lectures you’ll be declared a deviant and now families and masjids will split. The same tragedy repeats itself over and over and apparently no one learns any lessons other than being stuck on a Saudi version of stupid. 

This is the event that is pissing so many Salafis off in Germantown Philly and other places. (No idea who John Starling is. Marlon Sterling’s son?)

If you attend this event you’re “off it” according to the sheikhs of Philly.

Below is audio of Salafi teacher Hamza Abdur-Razzaq going ape shit on Tahir Wyatt and Shadeed Muhammad 

I’ve followed this online so you don’t have to. I still got love for my Salafi brothers and I promise next time I’m in Philly I’ll buy a turtle from one of the “brothers on the Sunnah” selling them on the street along with batteries and socks. Even more for my Salafi sisters (feel free to slide into my DM’s I got some slots open).


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