Flying Cars in St Louis 

Update: The driver was apparently having a diabetic episode and rumour is both of his legs had to be amputated.

Bruce Redding, a retiree living in the Walnut Park Neighborhood of North St Louis was at the gym on a warm Sunday trying to stay fit. When he got home there was a car on his roof. Oddly enough this isn’t the first time something like this happened. 

Bruce Redding, a retiree from Norwood Hills Country Club in North St Louis County, was at the gym when an SUV crashed through his roof (Photo Courtesy of Facebook)

Walnut Park is nicknamed “Murderville” due to the high-level of violent-crime. Much of the neighborhood is full of vacant and burned up houses. The 5800 block of Lillian (between Goodfellow and Riverview) is a quiet and well-kept block with tidy homes and a church just doors down. All of that was up-ended when a car came flying through the air and landed on a roof destroying a house. Witnesses report the car had been driving at about 100mph. Within a block of Highway 70 cars can often be found speeding through this neighborhood. It’s fortunate no one was seriously hurt in this accident and let’s hope this was covered by Mr. Redding’s home owners insurance. 

Anything can happen and will happen in St Louis. The laws of math and science are suspended in St Louis. 

Below are my video on the scene and photos I took of the damage. 

Photo I took of the home where the car landed on the roof
Another photo I took
This photo is from yesterday and courtesy of Derk Brown

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