St. Louis Mayoral Campaign and Why STL Sucks

This is the deal.  The future of St. Louis. The city has went from over 800,000 people to just over 300,000. St. Louis went from having good schools to only schools the poor, dysfunctional,  dopeheads, small circle of elites or ideological nutjobs would send their kids.  A big percentage of the city is sleeping at night with bars on their windows. Jobs are scare. Opportunity is low. Poverty is generational.  For many life in St. Louis is a living hell.

In the midst of the poverty, decay and human suffering moves in the vultures to pick at the bones of our urban graveyard. Taking over neighborhoods,  opening expensive restaurants serving weird crap regular people don’t wanna eat,  opening businesses starving for jobs then hiring kids from Ladue, messing up traffic with bike lanes,  proclaiming the city is safe because hey none of their friends and family are getting murdered.

These are the disgruntled children of the elite. While they can easily live in Chesterfield or the equivalent where they came from they need a new setting to pursue their alternative lifestyle. Thus the white settler gene kicks in. The gene of Cecil Rhodes and King Leopold “civilizing” Africa, the gene of the Zionist moving to “a land without a people a people without a land”, the gene of the American settler seeing the American landscape had been mismanaged by the Native American and needed a little gentrification. 

St. Louis is a low priority for hipsters abd urban colonizers. Their brutality has been on full display in cities like New York,  DC and San Francisco.  The ones we see in St. Louis are either from here or hipster rejects from the coasts who couldn’t make it in bigger markets. 

A better St. Louis will not come from hipsters or the leadership of their politicians. 

Then you move to the old guard. The old white south side hoosier is dying off and the Dixiecrat base is shrinking. The African-American population of North City is shrinking and moving to North County. The crooked Alderman of North St. Louis are losing a population to fleece and can only shake down so many Palestinian owned businesses. 

St. Louis is a city of low dreams and low expectations.  A city where people accept life sucks. A city where people settle for jobs they don’t like and spouses they don’t like.  Any parent who loves their child needs to be telling their children to get the hell out of St. Louis. 

The only saving grace for St. Louis is immigrants.  Many of them will be robbed, beaten and terrorized in St. Louis as their welcome to the American Dream.

Out of the misery and suffering of St. Louis arose the Ferguson Movement. Police violence and corruption is nothing new in St. Louis.  This movement inspired the world.  In true St.  Louis fashion many of the key activists got the hell out of St. Louis as soon as they got job offers and I don’t blame them. In a city of haters what was left behind was a fractured movement fighting one another and white hipster activists and their organizations exploiting the movement for profit.

It doesn’t matter who is mayor of St.  Louis.  Mayor Francis Slay in his fifth term, Antonio French,  Tishaura Jones,  this city has an incurable cancer.

In short my advice to everyone is to get out of the St. Louis Metropolitan area for your spiritual and physical well-being. 

I’m not gonna run for mayor; but if I ever did become mayor my first acts in officer would be:

-dynamite the Gateway Arch.  It’s a monument to genocide.

-arrest the two criminal Jeffs, Roorda and Ordauer, and put them in a cell together.

– make giant football fields at Tower Grove Park

-secede from the State of Missouri


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