Thoughts on St. Louis Uber Launch

Uber launched in St. Louis today.My thoughts? They’ll help the areas that are young, white and wealthy and those areas that are currently being slowly reclaimed by European-Americans. Campuses as well. Everyone else will get worse service in the long run. However, if you’re in Walnut Park trying to get to work at the Popeyes in Jennings stopping at the daycare on the way no one in this debate gives a shit about you anyways. If you don’t have a debit card and smart phone the best advice I think hipsters have for you is to jump off a bridge after donating all your old clothing to a vintage resale shop. Also, be sure to check the organ donation box and if you have long hair donate it for weave.

What is my prediction? In order to fight Uber you’ll have to be very astute from a political and business standpoint. Laclede Cab is neither. They’ve been able to win until now because of a great lawyer and being skillful in local politics. There are so many flaws in the business-model of Laclede Cab, not to mention their appalling treatment of workers, that they won’t be able to succeed in the future. My prediction is they’ll sell to St. Louis County-Yellow Cab after they sell their lot for millions which is now prime real-estate. County-Yellow, United and the airport cabs will then become the sole alternative to Uber and other ride share companies in St. Louis.

The fundamental facts don’t change. Driving a cab was once a union job with good wages and benefits. Both cab companies and ride-share companies conspire to drive down wages and eliminate benefits. This is part of an overall war on working people in America. Organizing is needed to improve the conditioning of drivers whether they be working for traditional cab companies or ride-share.


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