Day 6 of Wrestling World Championships Las Vegas

The 2015 World Wrestling Championships are in the books and they have been great to cover.  There is no better place for these championships to gave occurred than Las Vegas. Six days in the entertainment capitol of the world.  American fans brought their enthusiasm,  international fans brought their flavor, and the wrestlers brought the action. Six days of wrestling at the highest level. 

The last match of the tournament featured America’s best Jordan Burroughs winning by technical superiority and capturing his third world championship with a victory over Unurbat Purevjav of Mongolia.  Burroughs fired on all cylinders the entire tournament and his only real test was world number two Aniuar Geduev of Russia in the semifinals.  Last year Burroughs came to the world championships banged up taking third. This year saw a healthy Burroughs dominate.

Fellow South Jersey native and Nebraska graduate James Green powered his way to a 3rd place finish in his first world championships.  Green started the tournament on fire with explosive takedowns before losing to Iranian Hassan Yazdanicharati in the semifinals.  In his third place match Green regained his explosiveness and pinned Miroslav Kirov of Bulgaria. 

American Tony Ramos at 57kg failed to medal even though he won his first two matches. Zach Rey at 125kg was bounced out after losing his first match. 

Other world championships tonight we’re won by Vladimer Khinchegashvili of Georgia at 57kg, Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov of Russia at 70kg, and Taha Akgul of Turkey at 125kg.  In another impressive feat Dagestani-Russian Bilyal Makhov became the first wrestler in 42 years to place in both the Greco-Roman and freestlye world championships (he finished third in both).

These six days have been great for me.  Seeing great wrestling,  meeting wrestlers from all over the world,  and spending time with friends.  Outside of a teabagger sitting behind me spewing right-wing rhetoric Las Vegas has been perfect.  More great wrestling soon. Pan-American in Frisco,  TX and Olympic Trials in Iowa.  See you then.

Videos from tonight can be found at my Umar Lee YouTube channel and live coverage at my Twitter @STLAbuBadu photos can be found at Instagram @stlublee

With the Dagestan brothers on the Russian national team staff
Jordan Burroughs After third world championship win
Taha Akgul after his world championship win
Dagestani-Russian Bilyal Makhov became the first wrestler in 42 years to medal in both Greco-Roman and freestlye
Dagestani-Russian Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov after his world championship win
James Green after his third place win
I was gifted a Dagestan Wrestling shirt by Dagestani members of the Russian national team
Jordan Burroughs calling for fans to cheer in his first match
Burroughs was cut earlier
Tony Ramos in action during the world championships
Zach Rey in his opening round loss

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