Day 5 of World Wrestling Championships Las Vegas 2015

Today things got a lot better for the American men’s wrestling team. 19 year old Kyle Snyder,  just last year a high school student in Maryland,  captured a world freestyle championship with an upset win over Abdusalam Gadisov of Russia (Dagestan). It was an exciting hard fight contest in which Snyder was the aggressor and Gadisov appeared to be gassed early.  I have a feeling these two will meet again.  Perhaps next year in Rio. 

The other American men didn’t fare so well.  The “Double Leg Ninja” Jake Herbert was bounced out after losing his first match.  He’d looked very impressive leading up to the world championships; but failed to get his offense going. Reese Humphrey won his first match and then list his next two failing to medal.

On the women’s side 35 year old Leigh Jaynes-Provisor took a third-place bronze medal with a solid performance for the United States.  In one of the most touching moments of the championships she was able to celebrate with her daughter after her victory. 

Oksana Herhel of Ukraine captured a gold medal at 60kg in the only women’s weight class of the night.  Haji Aliyev took home gold for Azerbaijan at 61kg.  Abdulrashid Sadulaev of the Dagestan region of Russia captured gold at 86kg by defeating Selim Yasar of Turkey. 

Videos can be found at the Umar Lee YouTube Channel and live coverage at my Twitter @STLAbuBadu photos can be found at my Instagram @stlublee

With St. Louis native and world Greco team member Spenser Mango
Leigh Jaynes-Provisor in action
Nathaniel Rose a Beat the Streets New York product from the Bronx and Buffalo University wrestler in action representing Trinidad
Reese Humphrey on Mat C and Jake Herbert in the air on Mat D
Oksana Herhel of Ukraine after her world championship win
Haji Aliyev of Azerbaijan after his world championship win
Abdulrashid Sadulaev after winning gold
Abdulrashid Sadulaev puts on the Dagestan Wrestling t-shirt with him on the front
Kyle Snyder celebrates after his win
Kyle Snyder stops to pray draped in the American flag
Turkish Silver Medal winner Selim Yasar

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