Day 2 of World Wrestling Championships 2015 Las Vegas

Team America didn’t do so well in Greco-Roman wrestling today.  St. Louis native Spenser Mango failed to make the medal round and the sole moral victory for Team America today was the big man Robbie Smith losing a hard fought bronze match to the Russian Bilyal Makhov (Makhov later walked up to me and randomly gave me Salaams). 

Smith-Makhov was a clash of body types. Makhov a chubby American built like a cabbie and Makhov a mean looking Russian built like Ivan Drago. In the end the Russian prevailed 10-8 in an exciting match. Smith excited the crowd and as they chanted USA for him I couldn’t help but to think of the late great Dusty Rhodes.

Cuban Ismael Borrero Molina won gold at 59kg and Azerbaijani

Selcuk Cebi prostrate to Allah after winning the Greco-Roman world wrestling championship at 80kg in Las Vegas.

Rasul Chunayev won at 71kg. Turkey finished strong with Selcuk Cebi winning gold at 80kg and Riza Kaylaap at 130kg.  I tried to interview Cebi impressed by his prostration on the Turkish Flag after his victory: but was unable to do so. However,  I was able to talk to some Turkish wrestling staff who warmly greeted me with Salaams. 

A beautiful moment of the day for me was watching Won Chol Yun of North Korea wrestle his Iranian opponent in Las Vegas.  That’s the beauty of international sports. It tears down borders.

Several videos are available at the Umar Lee YouTube Channel,  photos at Instagram and live tweets.

With Greco-Roman 59kg World Champion Ismael Borrero Molina
Egyptian Wrestler training in New York
A Turkish team selfie with gold medal winner Riza Kaylaap
Robbie Smith after his 10-8 loss
Knut Tallroth a very happy Swede after his bronze medal victory
Won Chol Yun banged up after beating his Iranian opponent
St. Louis native Spenser Mango competing at 59kg
Iran and North Korea wrestle in Las Vegas and it was a beautiful thing. Unfortunately a bad clash of heads.

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