VICC, Laclede Cab and Sam Standley

VICC (Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation)  is a remanent of the St. Louis school desegregation program.  It’s almost exclusively made up of African-American school children in the city going to schools in suburban majority white school districts.  VICC also handles some trips for magnet schools. 

To supplement bus service to schools (which can be up to an hour drive from where children are living) VICC pays cab drivers via vouchers to take children to school. VICC selects cab companies to work with and drivers have to go through background checks. It’s very lucrative for the companies.


Convicted child-rapist Sam Standley put in charge of transporting school children by Dave McNutt. Neither McNutt or VICC saw a problem with this.

For years the point of contact for VICC at Laclede Cab was none other than convicted child-rapist and registered sex-offender Sam Standley.  This means VICC and the school districts didn’t vet Standley who was given the addresses and school information to thousands of mostly African-American school children.  It also means that Laclede Cab owner Dave McNutt had no problem putting a convicted child-rapist in charge of transporting school children. 


Sam Standley, put in charge of transporting school children by Laclede Cab owner Dave McNutt, raped a 12 year old girl. VICC didn't have a problem with it either apparently.

Would this have happened if the majority of these children weren’t African-American?  I don’t think so. If the Metropolitan Taxi Commission is serious about the safety of our community and the safety of children they need to immediately act to terminate the relationship between Laclede Cab and VICC.  If VICC is serious about the safety of children they need to fire not only who contracted with Laclede;  but also volunteer to take steps to terminate their relationship with Laclede Cab. 

Furthermore if law-enforcement is serious about the safety of children and not just satisfied with the contributions from Dave McNutt and Ted Hylla being in the good ‘ole boys club they need to investigate if Standley ever abused children in the VICC program. 

Parents whose children were transported through VICC by Laclede need to be looking at a class-action lawsuit at this time for willful endangerment of children. 

I’ll be attending the next MTC meeting to voice these concerns. 


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