Ferguson to St. Charles County: Protest Next Sunday

With Talal Ahmad of Systematic Freedom yesterday I went to Lake St. Louis in St. Charles County,  Missouri and talked to a family experiencing racism.  What we found was appalling. Check my Twitter Feed and YouTube videos for details.  For investigating racism police were called on us and Talal Ahmad and I were harassed. Based on our findings we are organizing a protest march in Lake St. Louis next Sunday. Planning meeting Tuesday at 7 pm at Old Town Donuts in Florissant,  MO.  Action co-organized by STL Stranger Productions and Systematic Freedom.  We’ve already received the commitment of Bassem Masri and other activists to attend.


Umar Lee interviewing family facing discrimination


Talal Ahmad of Systematic Freedom interviewing family facing the



Walking the streets of Lake St. Louis, MO.


St. Charles County officer harassing us


Let this racist report sink in....


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