My Thoughts on May 2: Mayweather – Pacquiao Part 1


I may write something more in-depth later. Right now I’m swamped so let me just jot down these bullet points regarding the fight.

Too late? : Some will say these fight is happening too late. The fight should’ve happened 4, 5 or 6 years ago. I agree, but it didn’t,  and I’m just thankful we’re getting it now. Floyd Mayweather is still pound-for-pound the number one fighter in the world and undefeated and Manny Pacquiao is coming off three consecutive dominant wins ( two against undefeated opponents). These are still two very elite fighters. 

Why the Wait: There are many reasons.  The poor relationship between Bob Arum and Mayweather/ Al Haymon,  the drug-testing issue,  egos, money,  etc. . However,  I think Mayweather was pulling a Sugar Ray Leonard move.  Leonard finally signed to fight Marvin Hagler after seeing him lose a step or town against John “the Beast” Mugabe.  My hunch is Mayweather was waiting for Pacquiao to slow down before taking the fight.

The Fans: I find the language and behavior of both Mayweather and Pacquiao fans to be disgusting.  Here is a news flash- this fight is not an affirmation or battle of conquest for any race. Whoever wins it will not be due to their race. Newsflash two- neither fighter gives a fuck about you or even knows who you are. Fans are taking this fight way too damn personal.  Comment sections are full of racial vitriol I think we should all find disgusting. 

The Personalities: I find the person of Floyd Mayweather to be pretty disturbing.  Domestic violence complaints involving 5 different women. That’s a pattern.  The media can sugar-coat and everyone can line their pockets: but that doesn’t erase the fact that despite being a great-fighter Floyd appears to be a deeply-flawed man.

Almost as disgusting as his record with women is Mayweather’s grotesque glorification of conspicuous-consumption.  His idiotic spending habits along with his gambling addiction leads me to believe Floyd will one day be broke.

The fact Mayweather has the nerve to claim he’s better than Muhammad Ali I find utterly repulsive.  Ali gave up the heavyweight championship of the world and went to jail over his opposition to the Vietnam War.  Ali became a global superstar just as known for his commitment to Black Liberation as he was for boxing.  Floyd provides no such inspiration. 

Manny Pacquiao has a great back story. Rising from the grinding poverty of the Philippines to a hall of fame boxing career, a seat in the Filipino Congress, and becoming the most beloved person in his nation. Although at the end of the day Manny is human with his own complexities as this article points out.

My Prediction: I cannot see Manny Pacquiao winning this fight. This fight isn’t about personalities,  race, religion,  politics or who is a better person.  The fight is about boxing.  I see Floyd as just having too much defense for Manny which will lead to him getting reckless and Floyd counter-punching and pot-shoting all night. I only give Pacquiao a puncher’s chance within the first three rounds. If Pacquiao doesn’t stop Mayweather early,  or at least hurt him badly,  it will be a long night for the Filipino. My prediction is 116-112 Mayweather. 

Future of Boxing: Big fights are good for boxing.  My only criticisms are having the fight in a small-venue instead of a stadium thus out pricing hardcore fans and a weak undercard. I’m cautiously optimistic about PBC and happy to see the return of boxing to free TV.  The sport needs this kind of exposure.  However,  if PBC fighters can’t fight HBO/ Top Rank/ Golden Boy fighters then we all lose out. Regardless 2015 looks like a very good year for boxing. 


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