2015 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships in St Louis

As a St. Louis native,  cabbie,  tour guide,  writer and supporter of wrestling allow me to welcome everyone to the 2015 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships.  St. Louis is a great city with a great history and a solid wrestling tradition.  Below I’m going to post some friendly advice hopefully you’ll find beneficial. 


Within walking distance from the Scott Trade Center you have a number of food options.  The best and most affordable in my opinion is Maurizio’s Pizza at the corner of Tucker and Clark just two blocks from the venue.  They feature a lunch buffet for around two bucks which includes a drink, pizza,  wings, salad, pasta and a dessert.  4 short blocks west of the venue is Union Station which has a number of price restaurants including the Hard Rock Cafe.  5 blocks north of the venue is the Washington Ave entertainment district which runs between Broadway and 20th Street roughly.  There you will find a number of bars and restaurants.

Next to the venue there is the Civic Center Metrolink Station light-rail stop. If your hotel is near the airport this can be beneficial.  Other than that you can catch cabs if you’re not driving.  As a St. Louis cabbie I recommend you look for the red cabs ( Laclede Cab or St. Louis County Cab) if you don’t want to get ripped off.  Under no circumstances get into a cab that doesn’t have yellow Missouri license plates. 


There is a lot to see in St. Louis and as a tour guide I’d love to show it to you. I offer personalized tours based on your interests. If interested post a comment (will be unpublished) with your contact information. 


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