1917 Soundtrack

The spirt of St. Louis is presently in anguish. Death,  murder, riots, hate, greed and envy. An old city that has seen better days. A young generation finding it’s way in a new world as the old world is collapsing around them.

From this comes a diverse generation influenced not only by the brick city they come from but by the new world they’re being exposed to.

1917 Soundtrack is the product of this time.

From making music inspired by Ferguson to making music inspired by nights of partying in the Grove.  A mix of feelings and delivery.  A mixture of style ranging from neo-soul to hip-hop to EDM to blues. 1917 Soundtrack is a perfect example of St. Louis at this time.

Lead vocalist Marió Mathon breaths beauty and pain into his lyrics powered by solid and soulful musicians.  From song to song the listener travels the breadth of the St. Louis experience. 

I encourage you to follow 1917 Soundtrack on YouTube and check out their soulful live shows around time.