Threats and Hate Unleashed From Darren Wilson Supporters


The Darren Wilson supporters ( police under fake names, cop groupies, racists, klansman, neo-nazis, cop wives, bored hoosiers, Tea Partiers, scared white people, etc.) are stepping up their pressure against me. As you saw in the video I posted earlier they’re real humble in person. The tough guy act is saved for social media. Without a badge, gun and backup it’s doubtful they’d even drive through north city or county.

The guy I visited today was in response to my grandparents address being leaked online. I haven’t lived at that house in over 20 years. Have lived in different states and traveled the world since living there. Personally I just moved from Old North St. Louis to University City. My grandparents address was passed with violent threats so I saw the need to confront this individual. My grandparents have never been to a political protest in their life and my grandfather is a WWII veteran, retired pipefitter, lifelong labor Democrat, and a former boxer. He’s never heard of Mike Brown or Darren Wilson. My grandmother either.

The other side has tried to justify leaking this info and the violent threats by saying I’m seeking info on Darren Wilson. This is true. I’m seeking information in order to write an article. Never have I threatened Wilson nor would I. However, we need to know who this man is and the mainstream media has been negligent in their duty in this matter. My activism in Ferguson has been entirely peaceful. As has my writing. There is no comparison between the two. If you could see exactly what kind of racist, violent, hateful and sadistic individuals are attacking me you would be shocked.

Mike Brown means we got to fight back.

The violent mob of stalkers unleashed to harass peaceful protesters by the police seeks to bully and silence critics. Their currency is violence and fear. Their fuel is hate.

Yet I am not afraid. Not afraid of poverty. Not afraid of violence. Not afraid of death. Their side is controlled by white fear while those with me march to a beat of love.

Truth tellers from Bunker Hill to Belfast to Soweto to Gaza to the Audubon Ballroom to Karbala to Badr to Jerusalem have never been people of fear.

I am as firm in my commitment as you are in your hate. I am as devoted to the fellowship of people of all colors and racial-justice as you are to white supremacy. I honor the martyr Mike Brown with the same fervor as you honor his killer.

You can threaten my life, my family and my job but my position will not change. Do as you must and I shall do as I must.

If you come at my family know that I defend my family. If you come at me with violence know that I’m not a pacifist. If you threaten my livelihood know that for every action there is a reaction and I’ve never taken anything lying down and not about to start now.










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