Message to St. Charles Hoosiers

This post is for the reactionary rednecks whose ability to reason has been harmed by generations of hoosier inbreeding.  Someone came up with an address from Casenet for me and is passing it around the Internet and making threats.  I do not live in Florissant and I haven’t in more than 20 years.  My concern is one of these Cooters or Bubbas may attack that home where there is only two senior citizens living. I have lived in Brooklyn,  Queens,  DC, Kansas City,  Dallas,  and various places in St. Louis since living at the address.  In fact I just moved from my place in Old North St Louis where I’d been living for 3 years to a new place in University City. 

Try picking up a book and putting down the Natty Lite.  Tune into PBS and not the Trick My Truck marathon. 


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