Protests in St. Charles County

Greetings everyone.  I am proud to say I’ve been involved in the Justice for Mike Brown movement from day one. His tragic death highlighted decades of police violence to the community and the systematic issues in North County.  From the earliest days I suggested to fellow protesters targeting St. Charles County.  The reason for this is quite clear. St. Charles County as you know it wouldn’t exist without massive white-flight from North County.  A large percentage of police officers in North County commute in from St. Charles,  Lincoln,  and Warren counties.  Residents of St. Charles County also control many of the jobs and resources of North County. Many of you thought you could run away and flee what you saw as problems.  You ran across the river in search of racial purity in generic suburbs.  The protests are being brought to you to teach you that you can run but you cannot hide. Darren Wilson went to St. Charles Westate and bought a house with the wife he left in Troy. You can’t do your dirt in North County and think you can run and hide in white-flight country.  I am always free to talk and discuss.  Tomorrow I’ll be spending all day in St. Charles County.  Feel free to inbox me. Would love to meet and hear your perspective.


51 thoughts on “Protests in St. Charles County

  1. Troy is not in St. Charles County. Thinking that anyone from St. Charles had anything to do with this, is beyond mind boggling. Pushing the hatred towards white people is a sign of ignorance. I am a black male, age 32, not an Uncle Tom, but this type of protesting, does no good. Petition your congressman or woman, and do some justice, if that is what you choose to do. Please tell me what protesting in St. Charles is going to accomplish.

    After the results come out, and Officer Wilson is not charge, creating a violent protest will create a stronger divide in our society. Don’t get caught up in the game.

    1. Thank you jdoe. It bothers me that you have to include the statement “not an Uncle Tom”. You should feel free to have intelligent opinions that would benefit the community in a more logistical way without feeling like you are being a traitor.

      1. He’s only saying that because the MAJORITY of blacks who speak out like he does ARE called names like Uncle Tom and far worse. In fact just happened in Ferguson in reference to the pizza place and happens all the time on TV. And it’s funny you mention “decades of police violence” but don’t mention the Decades of Public Violence that police have to deal with every single day. And sorry you can’t blame white flight or white people or the government for all of that. Start taking care of your own neighborhoods, families and kids. And don’t even get me started on how most RAP effects young kids of all races but you tolerate and even promote it. Thats where most of the fault lies. Stop blaming others and start looking in the mirror!!!

      2. I would like to address the comments about “white flight”. Excuse me but blacks have also fled North County NOT “in search of racial purity” but in search of SAFETY from the crime. The crime, my friend, is why the cops have become so aggressive. They are sick of getting injured on the job and watching their partners get killed! But this whole protest is about justice. I understand that! But what you are suggesting is making this a racial protest. YOU ARE SO WRONG IN YOUR WAY OF THINKING!!!!!!!!

  2. Come out to st. Charles county. Specifically the O’Fallon Walmart and see what happens. We’ll be waiting for you.

    1. Give us time and date. We “cracker rednecks” will be sure to be there ESPECIALLY at that Walmart! You WON’T like what happens when you mess with us! So, I suggest it be PEACEFUL protesting for JUSTICE not RACIAL EQUALITY (you have gotten that and it’s not the majority’s fault that some ignorant people treat you otherwise!)

  3. “You can run but you can’t hide?” Maturity at it’s finest. What about instead of worrying about where other people choose to live, you help your community grow from this tragedy? Education, youth programs, etc.

  4. Where are you from Mr. Lee? Are you from Ferguson? Why are you speaking about protesting a black man’s death? Shouldn’t you be speaking about Muslim issues? Or are you just another middle easterner who wants so desperately to be black?

    Ferguson was my home for over 40 years. It wasn’t white kids that would watch my neighbors house and when she left they would break into it. 3 times! It wasn’t white kids renting a house across the street from me that got busted selling drugs. And it wasn’t a 6 foot tall 195 pound 17 year old white kid who I choked out in my yard after catching him trying to break into my house. In all of these instances the kids were black, young and just not educated or parented correctly. Just like Mike Brown. If Mike Brown’s parents had truly raised him right none of this stuff would’ve happened. Instead he chose the wrong path and they did nothing to stop it. So who is paying the price for the bad parenting? Mike Brown and Officer Wilson that’s who. Thug parents are raising thug kids. Now every thug mother, whether they are black, white, Latin or otherwise, is going to say when their thug child gets arrested or shot that it’s the police’s fault or that “My son had a sandwich in his waistband not a pistol.” Then the media makes this criminal into the victim.

    Officer Wilson did what he was trained to do by the police academy. If I was in the officer’s shoes, after getting assaulted, I would’ve emptied my clip at or into Mike Brown. The officer in the Shaw incident also did what he was trained to do. Yet both of these officers are being prosecuted by the public. One of these officers will probable be sacrificed by their department or their city.

    So you want to come to St. Charles and protest. Bring it! We won’t take your shit over here. I’d love to step up and send you sprinting back across the bridge with your tail between your legs.

  5. This is fucking ridiculous. I grew up in NoCo and moved to St. Charles County because I liked the schools out here. I have a special needs child who requires a lot of attention, and he’s thriving out here. I also liked being in a semi rural setting (I live in a small town near O’Fallon). I wanted more land at a cheaper price.

    I didn’t come here to “find racial purity” or “flee problems”. I came here because I love the area and all that it has to offer. I feel like your post promotes reverse racism and creates an “Us against them” mentality. I have been a strong supporter of what the protesters are doing and have put up with a lot of shit for defending them, so it pisses me off to hear that you have lumped most of St. Chas Co into one category. I don’t feel like everybody in Ferguson is a certain way, so why should you accuse *most* St. Chas residents of behaving badly?

    You can’t fight hate with hate. You’re coming at St. Chas Co with a defensive, judgmental attitude, and that’s not fair to anybody. It’s not fair to the residents of St. Chas, and it’s not fair to the protesters from NoCo. Your accusations will hurt and anger people who have supported the protesters from day one. Your accusations also detract attention away from the original message. DOES ANYBODY EVEN REMEMBER WHAT THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE WAS? Does anybody even know why people are still protesting and looting?

    The answer is no, most people do not. This has turned into a race war rather than a fight for justice, and that’s sad. And no, a race war and a fight for justice are NOT the same thing.

    I like that you’re fighting for what you believe in, and I do think that positive changes are long overdue in St. Louis. I just feel like it’s kind of hypocritical for you to expect “white flighters” to treat NoCo with respect when you are busy bashing most of the residents of our county.

    1. I will start by saying if you feel the need to protest, go ahead. I think our Constitutional rights should be upheld. However, I am not sure if I completely agree with your rational. I , myself, have lived in St. Charles my entire 39 years. In fact, I moved to St. Louis City in my 20s to get away. I returned because of the good schools for my children. If I truly wanted “racial purity” I would have moved to West County.

      I agree that there are issues to address. I would suggest following and supporting the man in this video. His ideas are spot on. He would make a great leader.

      I will direct you to this article as well. Her statistics are staggering and should be the real focus.

  6. What is wrong with you ? The people of St. Charles County live there because it’s
    1. Safer than St. Louis County.
    2. Lower Crime & Murder rates.
    3. Free of the Corruption of St. Louis Politics.
    4. Lower Property taxes.
    5. Best School districts in the State.
    6. Open Carry is Cool in St. Chuck.

  7. Wow what a low life. Get a job and actually make a difference! If you have a problem with the way things are, go about it the way that will actually change things. Run for an office!

  8. You are always welcome…but you should know this about our residents…
    “If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.” Exodus 22:2-3

  9. I did not personally witness the incident with Michael Brown, so I cannot condemn the officer’s actions. To assume the white officer abused his authority when he shot Michael (because he is white) is just as racist as assuming Michael’s actions justified the officer’s response.

  10. Actually, I moved to St. Charles from my parent’s home in Berkeley in 1978 because homes were cheaper in St. Charles. (Later I found out why: The traffic, and not many bridges to handle it at that time.) I did not even consider race in my decision. Oh, you must be talking about those evil white people who moved to St. Charles in the 80’s and 90’s …

  11. As long as you are peaceful no one really cares. I sure as hell don’t. Get that shit around my kids and we have a problem. My kids wont be subjected to fear of any sort. And I won’t tolerate the violence around them. “You can run, but you can’t hide” is that a threat? I hope not.

  12. What a load of racist crap! Most people no matter what their race are good people who are just trying to live their lives in peace and take care of their families. I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish with your hateful blog post. FYI there are a lot of good black people who live in St. Charles already. It is not even close to exclusively white. What is wrong with you? Are you mentally ill? Just hateful or just plain stupid? I’ll be praying for that hateful heart of yours.

  13. UmR you need to grow up and get life. You are nothing but self-gratifying frustrated actor who is a disgrace to the entire human race.

  14. I truly believe you are an idiot! I have to ask, if I as a white female said these things would you tell me I am a racist? As soon as any white person would say anything about anyone that is black we are considered racist and should be shot on site! I for one have found our how prejudice I am, and I will say it isn’t against blacks, it is against idiots like you!!! I am so sick of hearing about white flight and how white people ruined everything!!!! Please take a good hard look at who ruined anything! Black people kill more black people than any white person EVER will! You are a sad sorry excuse for someone who is looking for attention, the next fame whore! Get over the whole black and white issue, everyone else has! And please quit trying to down people for wanting to make a better life for their families by moving to different neighborhoods, that makes you look bad, not anyone else. If you walk through life never wanting t ok better youeself, black or white, you are a sad sorry excuse for a human being!

  15. You’re right and it took how many months for you all to get just across the river. Watching what people did to their own town in ferguson, acting like animals and burning and destroying your own town. Well hell yeah I got out of north county! What the hell are you people even protesting anymore? You all look so stupid at this point. This all is not about that kid anymore, that’s just an excuse at this point. I feel bad for him and his family. I am tired of hearing that I’m racist because basically I’m white. There are stereotypes out there for a reason and from what I am seeing and hearing about this for 2 or 3 months (which is absolutely ridiculous) it doesn’t matter what happens nothing will appease you people. Give it a rest, leave people alone, get a job and if you don’t like living where you are then move.

  16. I moved out to St. Charles County from St. Louis County a year and a half ago when I got married for financial reasons and now my husband and I work out here. I, in my naivety, did not realize how deep rooted the racism is out here until recently with current events. In my experience, it is mainly the older people who seem to wear their prejudice on their sleeves almost proudly while the younger (often times poorer) people like myself possess a more progressive point of view. While my friends and I cheer on the protests and demonstrations, we hear grumbles of derogatory terms and racially charged insenuations. I want to slap myself for saying this, but sometimes I look forward to these people passing so the rest of us can grow and become wiser. All that being said, I do want to say that it seems that the only reason to come protest out here is to make people uncomfortable. I’ve watched a lot of your videos and really enjoyed listening to your POV and so I know that a lot of the racists you encountered in your youth have caused you to almost just plain old dislike St. Charles residents as a whole. I can understand that, but when you go out of your way to make others uncomfortable solely based upon where they live, isn’t that a form of prejudice in a way? I fully agree that police officers should be required to live where they work to create accountability to the community, but that’s a ballot measure. I suppose my question is this; When you are out here protesting, what are you expecting St. Charles residents to do for your cause? Once again, thanks for all you do!

  17. Black Racists coined the term “White Flight,” Bret “Umar” Lee. Families that grew up in ORCO left because they wanted raise their families in safe communities. Go study the crime rate statistics of NORCO starting from the mid 1950’s to present day. Educate yourself with facts not YOUR idealisms and opinions. You are nothing but a opportunist. You are USING Mike Browns death to serve your OWN hatred of WHITE folk and BLACK folk. So you and your minions that you have brainwashed can come on over to the GOOD CITIES OF ST. CHARLES COUNTY. That’s your legal and civil right. The good folk there already know you’re coming. They will be waiting for you or one of your minions to take ONE step out of line. THEY WILL SHUT YOU DOWN, SHUT YOU UP and HERD YOU BACK ACROSS THE RIVER, AGAIN. Ferguson never was interested in JUSTICE. Put your running shoes on, Bret. ST. CHARLES IS GOING TO ENJOY WATCHING the “Black Flight” run east, back across the MO River. ;)

  18. THIS is NORCO. THIS is WHY young black men are dying. So you have 5-6 names on a T-Shirt of young black men killed by a white police officer. Here’s some hard fact for you. The names of all the Black folk that have died by the hand of another black man can circle the globe TWICE around.

  19. This is turning dumb. I read some of these comments and I’m disgusted. My statement before was trying to bring society together, as it should be, not tear it apart. We are all human. As I said before, justice will be found, but not this way. I will point out a very valid question, what ARE you protesting? I feel the need to protest the distraction of a county who is already in a financial downfall. We do not choose to live where we do because of “it’s more white people”. We choose to live here because, as pointed out before, financial or personal matters, maybe it’s closer to a desired job.
    Either way, it has nothing to do with color.

  20. Before you spout off about St. Charles County how about you actually learn your history. It’s older then Ferguson!!! But I digress. These protests of yours are nothing but a group of people who think they have a right to destroy property and make everyone else’s lives miserable. You know nothing of why people moved to St . Charles County. You make assumptions and call them fact. Educate yourself before you speak and maybe you’ll learn something.

  21. the white man isn’t hiding in the bushes to gun us down, the white man isn’t steeling your rims, all the white man (police) is doing, is his job, when we break the law. Fix your own hood before destroying someone else’s

  22. In my own experience, I am someone who lived in St. Charles the first 22 years of my life, moved to St. Ann 7 year ago (YES….across the bridge…..ooooooooooo)! I had always worked in St. Charles until this last year. I am now working on West Florissant and I love my job. YES, I was nervous, I’ll admit it, but until August 9th I had all good experiences here. Just after Mike Brown’s death, I was screamed at while at stoplight for being a white racist bitch. I’ve never been racist in my life…..and I’m still not. There is hate and ugliness in every race but we are all one race, the HUMAN RACE. I can’t understand how this is a race thing…there is so much black on black crime, black people killing white people and white people killing black people. If you truly feel the black race is cheated from opportunity, use your efforts to educate youth to do well in school, go to college and set them up for a promising future to have the jobs that they deserve to have. All you are doing is inciting a race riot to continue setting us back decades and continuing this vicious cycle. Seems like alot of energy is put into your thoughts, put that energy into something positive.

  23. lol I guess what you don’t realize is that in Saint Charles county we have more guns and weapons then you guys do… C’mon over. You’re in for a rude awakening.

  24. This is bullshit. Every American has the constitutional right to protest and I am 100% for it. That being said, what the Mike Brown protest is about is simply ridiculous. These people are standing up and protesting over thugs who assaulted and/or shot at police officers. These individuals had no respect for the law and would have beaten, killed, or stole from any one of these people protesting in their name. These thugs lived by the sword and in turn died by the sword. Justice for Mike Brown was served, period. If you want to protest something, protest the fact that 90% of murders in St. Louis were black on black crime. Protest the crack dens. Protest the fathers who were not in their kids lives. Protest the kids hanging on the corner instead of going to school. Protest the record companies for promoting this life style. Protest in the right place and maybe I’ll join your cause. Yes the black community in North County is in a bad state currently, but people need to quit copping out and blaming every one else. Bring that burn the city down bullshit to my neck of the woods and justice you shall find.

  25. This is really great. I just wish *some* of the people rioting in Ferguson would watch this and see how more civilized people lead there lives instead of just shouting F the Police right in their faces. Act like this guy and you’ll surely have little problems in life. Don’t do good in school, talk only street slang (“I cantz gets me no job” – Uh ya think..?), do bad things and have virtually no skills needed by society and you WILL have nothing but problems and should blame mostly yourself. Sorry but thats a fact. Look at how many of YOUR friends and family are like that Umar (regardless of race) and ask yourself how much of their situations are because of THEIR actions or inactions! Be honest with yourself on this and stop blaming others!

    1. But no everyone wants the Government to fix things. Well I hate to them but it can’t when the people don’t do there part and thats a FACT!!!!

  26. So, in closing, if you take out all your racist, hate filled assumptions and opinions from your statement above. All you’ve said is “I want the White Folk and the Black Folk to kill each other.” Truth and fact is you hate Whites AND Blacks. And nothing would give you more pleasure then to lead our races TO kill each other. You don’t give a rats ass about NORCO or the death of Mike Brown. You’ve already lost. You will not accomplish getting me and many others to hate or kill each other over skin color.

  27. You bring that any closer to my home were my children live and go to school and the cops will be less of your worries is what I think. Did it ever cross ur minds that thugs wouldnt get shot if they didnt try to cause harm? If it was up to me i would bring a fire truck in and wash out the sin thats going on. Start thinking about the childrens well being. The so called peaceful protesters (ha ya right) are doing nothing but creating a bad enviroment for them.

  28. In order for whites to want to live in the same communities as blacks, and vice versa, both races will have to make compromises. The situation is not native to Saint Louis, it exists everywhere in the US where both blacks and whites live and is only exaggerated in our city. I think it’s hard for white people to understand why black communities can turn so ugly so fast. The general argument is that “blacks just let their houses fall apart” or “black communities are plagued with gang violence,” which are stereotypical but not entirely false accusations. For most people, black or white, it’s easier to point your finger and blame somebody else than it is to evaluate the problem and come up with a solution. White people need to stop assuming that black folks are less capable beings and start understanding that the cycle of poverty they often live in is a bi-product of an unfair and disturbing history. The black community, specifically black men, need to work harder at building a family structure for their children instead of taking the easy way out and allowing future gang members to incubate under lawless, single parent households. Law enforcement officials need to reevaluate the training process, up the pay and hire more educated officers that aren’t trigger happy or racially bias. Blacks need to dispose of the notion that “stop snitching” was ever a good idea and start working with law enforcement to rid the community of gang control. Whites need to be more understanding about the social programs available to the economically disadvantaged black community while the blacks need to take full advantage of the programs by conserving the available funds and securing grants in order to go to college and be more competitive in the job market. A wise man once said to me, to be human is to ignore our basic instincts. Accepting differences, sharing the wealth, creating a social structure, being non-violent, educating yourself, they’re all part of this. I’d hoped that in the midst of chaos some unity could be established, but so far I only see more divide and unwillingness to accept responsibility for our own destiny. The protesters want justice for Mike Brown, but I want society to start taking the extra steps it takes to heal itself and make certain another Mike Brown doesn’t happen.

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