Words to White Ferguson Community


After a tense night debating with Ferguson folks opposing the protests (see the video below)

I attempted to make a more measured video engaging the Ferguson white community

which led to a discussion on Facebook and well….

I attempted to engage with white Ferguson residents today who feel they’ve been misrepresented. A couple were civil. The majority spoke as uneducated racists and bigots. Here is my closing remarks to them below.

what I see on here is there are a few sensible people. The rest seem like hateful bigots embracing the tired belief to be an authentic white American you have to hate anyone who doesn’t look or pray like you. Hopefully this ignorance won’t be passed down to your children.

If you want to know why the protesters are in the streets and why people think of Ferguson in a negative way at this time despite many good people living there I suggest you look in the mirror and do some soul searching.

I also agree with Paul in that Cory Patterson is just a big talker. It’s no accident he picked the wimpiest looking guy in the crowd of protesters to pick on last night.

Those speaking of “the one true God” sound like ISIS. I suggest you read the writings of Pope John Paul II and Pope Frances on ecumenical relations and tune out the FOX News. You all are sounding less like the Pope and more like the Catholic Church that was responsible for the genocide of the indigenous people of Latin America.

Renee Lyon I appreciate your perspective on this issue. If we could all talk as humans.

That’s all I have to say. I attempted to engage in civilized dialogue and I mostly got hate, ignorance and bigotry in return. Look in the mirrors. It is your hate that set these fires and not the youth. It is your hate that emboldened Darren Wilson.

If anyone wants to have a civilized discussion feel free to reach out.


One thought on “Words to White Ferguson Community

  1. Ok, I’m reaching out. I’ve watched these videos a few times to make sure I’m hearing you correctly.
    As an ‘outsider’ this is what I’m seeing. It’s very much an issue of us/them. I think that’s exactly what the problem is. I do understand that for enough change to be made, people have to put aside what we’ve all been taught or made to believe by the mainstream. It’s obviously a pack of lies. I’ve asked people about Ferguson and their eyes glaze over. “Cop shot a kid who was trying to attack him, protesters are violent, and it’s just too… ugh… more bullshit… when does The Voice come on?” THAT scares ME as a citizen of the US and I don’t like being scared. When I get scared, I think about ways to fight back.

    They say in the first video that they’ve helped bring money to the area, recreation centers, etc. Where are these centers located? Who is using them? How are they being UTILIZED? What money have they brought to Ferguson? How is it being spent? Who are they hiring in these businesses? Is there any community outreach between businesses and the PEOPLE? It looks like there’s not a whole lot, but I could be mistaken.

    The community… when we feel we are powerless in the face of it all, you start hearing things like “you can’t fight city hall”. My own parents told me this as a kid. We were broke as hell eating rice and ketchup because ramen noodles weren’t invented yet. Asking for any kind of help came with the stigma of “psst… I saw Jeannie at the supermarket and she was paying with foooooodstaaamps.” When I was 17, I started dating the son of an alderman and was told, “You better stop seeing him.” Not because my parents were “RACISTS”, you see, but because “Black people will jump you and try to kill you. They don’t like white people dating their kind.” Ask my parents how they “don’t see color”, but talk about how “If you get into a fight with one of ‘them’, don’t bother hitting them in the head, their skulls are too thick.”

    One of the best pieces of advice I got from my father when I was about 6 was when he took me to a dark alley at night and told me, “Stay awaaaayyy from here, and if you see any of them, run.” My mother telling me, “Be nice to them. I don’t need them starting any shit.” Wait, I’ll send you my class picture when I was a kid, you’ll laugh your ass off.

    What many people have, is a history of the lies they’ve been told. They told me many.
    I asked if I could start going to church because a very nice black lady with a very nice child asked if i’d like to go. I started learning about Jesus in a black church, singing and learning to read hymns and the bible. It changed my life. I found out there were other religions and I went crazy. I celebrate Passover, Halloween and Easter. I go crazy and I celebrate Yule and invite everybody. I don’t give a f**k who you worship if you got your HEART right.

    I don’t have time for hate, because I use it constructively. Yeah, ok… it’s allll messed up. #tootrue Can I get an #amen? I swear I’m driving everyone crazy because I’m demanding that they help me GET there, and if they could they WOULD, LOL. “Morgana, you would LOVE Missouri”, they said. I said it’s the show me state, so show me. They did.

    It made me love my people. Not white. American. I hate the hell out of my government though. I believe that Ferguson is part of a stand. There are others coming. The world really is watching. If I don’t find a way to get involved, then I’m on the other side. People from all over the world ARE WATCHING. I’m hearing a lot of people talking to the livestream cameras, (love me some @Bassem_masri ) They say if you need HELP getting down here, talk to us. Believe me, I’m trying. This is the first battle in a HUGE war, and I’m ready.

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