How to Help Ferguson Protesters Worldwide

I have received a  number of calls, texts, tweets and emails from around the country asking what can be done to help protesters on the ground in Ferguson.

  1. There are many different funds and individuals working on these issues now. Some are collecting the materials needed to remedy teargas and other chemical weapons used by St. Louis area police. Cash is always needed as well. Bonds are being raised higher and higher. After my first arrest I had a $300 bond and on my second arrest I had a $1,000 bond. Arch City Defenders, the ACLU and others are handling peoples bonds. Please donate to them especially the Arch City Defenders.
  2. Tribe X, Lost Voices, Hands Up and other grassroots forces on the ground need your donations for daily living.
  3. Support those doing livestreaming such as Bassem Masri and Sasha Pain. This video evidence is crucial in countering the lies of the police.
  4. Donate to elected officials who are on the ground doing good things such as Alderman Antonio French and State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal and donate to #healSTL

Now here is my idea. This idea is not complete as I have not set up a paypal or fundraising account. This is just letting people know where my head is at.

Housing prices in Ferguson have always been pretty low and they are now dropping with recent events. For example you can buy ready to live in house for $50 to 100K in Ferguson easily. You can also rent 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for$500 or $600 bucks.  With the worldwide momentum this campaign is getting I think we need to get donations together to establish more residences in Ferguson.

1. Residences where activists can rest and bathe and house out of town visitors

2. Residences where volunteers can come to offer yoga, massages, meditation, pedicures, manicures, therapy, medical attention, herbal remedies, and other needs to protesters

3. Residences where activists can move into to establish residency in order to run for office in Ferguson


This is a blueprint. Will follow up on at a later date.







One thought on “How to Help Ferguson Protesters Worldwide

  1. I certainly can help with food and cooking. I need a place to prepare meals. I live in Michigan, but I can get a place for me and children to stay in while I am there.

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