New Series On My Support For a St. Louis City-County Merger

Over the next several months I plan to write a series of blog posts detailing the dire situation and bleak future of North St. Louis County and why I believe a City-County merger is needed. While NoCo needs such a merger most such a merger will be good for residents of all ages, races, and socio-economic statuses. These are the six areas I will address.


1.  Message to Old NoCo: The 1950’s Are Not Coming Back

2. Suburban Poverty, Gentrification and the Shantytown Future

3. The Failing School Districts of North County

4. Crime in North County

5. The Need For Diversity: Bringing Immigrants North of Market

6. Falling Behind As a Region


The cynical always try and find a conspiracy when they disagree with you. Yes I support the mission of Better Together St. Louis. No, my support does not stem from that organization. I’ve wanted to see reunification of the city and county since I was a child and every new life-experience I have had and all of my travels just reaffirms that position.

You can also check newsstands today for the latest edition of the St. Louis Evening-Whirl. I write about reunification, Bo Bergdhal, and analyze the Miguel Cotto’s historic victory over Sergio Martinez.


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