A Response to a Racist Critic of the Taxi-Industry

I don’t like to nutpick. Also after thousands of comments were posted to this blog I adopted a policy of no longer allowing comments and moved discussions over to Facebook and Twitter. I still read the comments and occasionally email the commentators.  Below is a comment from  “Terry Blue” a critic of the taxi-industry and a defender of Uber and Lyf.


You could not be more wrong. Cab companies are monopolistic usually filled with cheap foreign labor from a industry that picks and chooses with same tactic you complain about hipster restaurants. There, are few white drivers because of discrimination from taxi companies that hire and want mostly illegal drivers. Companies like Uber just white owned transportation start ups that want to give something cab companies fear the most…competition. I had a consumer have a right to choose and be picked up by a person I can relate with and looks like me without fear of being attacked or killed because I might offend drivers religion.


I think this sort of racist sentiment is common. Have heard it many times. Of course it is also full of lies. You cannot drive a cab without legal-status. There is no discrimination against white drivers. No Muslim cabbie has ever killed a passenger over religion.


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