Mother Agnes Interviewed by Umar Lee in St. Louis

Please bear with us. The volume is low. We didn’t have access to a professional camera. Mother Agnes also speaks low. However, if you listen to the words I think you’ll find wisdom



Outspoken Syrian Nun Mother Agnes recently visited St. Louis and gave two lectures on the horrific carnage brought about by al-Qaeda and other extremists in Syria. Here she is interviewed by local St. Louis writer Umar Lee. After the interview Mother Agnes and Sister Camel were led on a tour of St. Louis by Umar Lee and local-activist Tim Kaminski. Mother Agnes visited the Gateway Arch, Mississippi Riverfront, the Old Courthouse, St. Raymond’s Lebanese Maronite Church, the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, St. Alphonsus the Rock Church and the scenes of violence and despair in the city. Mother Agnes prayed at a homicide scene on the 1300 block of North Euclid in North St. Louis.

Her call is for an end to terrorism in Syria and the return of a peaceful society where all religious and ethnic groups are respected. Her tales of the current horror in Syria reminiscent of medieval barbarians are saddening to say the least. Pray for Syria!!! Write and call your Members of Congress and Call the White House and tell them WE DON’T WANT AMERICAN WEAPONS IN THE HANDS OF AL-QAEDA AND OTHER TAKFIRI REBELS!!!


One thought on “Mother Agnes Interviewed by Umar Lee in St. Louis

  1. may Allah guide you back to what is correct or may He break your back, aameen. you attack the Muslims with such a vengeance. your islaam is questionable no doubt about it

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