True Detective Finale Predictions

OK I know that as I’m writing this the True Detective finale on HBO is coming on in a little more than an hour. I planned to do this earlier and this is an abbreviated version but I just woke up not too long ago.  So in short here are my predictions:


– Tuttle is alive and didn’t really OD he is alive leading the cult

– Of course the “Lawnmower Man” is a child-rapist and killer. If only Rust could have got a little closer back in the day.

-Maggie Hart is a part of the conspiracy. She married into the Tuttles.  Her father may very well be the Yellow King. She knows and wants to stop Marty and Rusty before they get to the bottom of it.

– Audrey Hart was molested by the cult and not killed. Possibly because the Yellow King is her grandfather.

– Detective Papania is possibly a Tuttle son

-Rust will definitely die tonight and maybe Marty as well. We will find out what happened in Texas.

OK there it is. This season is one of the best seasons in the history of television right up there with The Wire seasons 2-4, the 3rd and 4th seasons of The Sopranos and the 3rd and 4th seasons of Breaking Bad. Great writing, great acting, stylish, a great sense of place. My only critique is on religion. “Queen of Angels” would not be the name of an Evangelical school and evangelicals do not cross themselves nor engage in Mardi Gras. The writers seem to be unaware of the Protestant Reformation. Still, that’s just nitpicking, great show that I have enjoyed immensely.  Praying for a Beth cameo tonight.

Umar Lee St. Louis Photos

With Michael Sam at Mardi Gras in my cab.
A 19 year old Umar Lee with two of my sisters and my brother
Same night with me daughter Bre's mother
Last minutes of the sign at the Gas House
After beating down a repulsive hillbilly Meth-head
Feeling good
Missouri state wrestling championships
With Timberland Head Coach and my former McCluer North teammate