St. Louis Post-World Series Thoughts

Now that the pain of the World Series loss to Boston is over allow me to say a few things:

– if you are the Cardinals fan who smiled and said “aww that is cute” because the Red Sox placed an ad in the St. Louis papers congratulating St. Louis for getting beat you are probably the kind of guy who likes watching his wife get banged and a born loser.

– I said from the beginning Jose Oquendo should have been hired as the manager and the Tea Party Cardinals fan base would not accept it. Can Mike Matheney  get the Cards to the finish line? Time will tell but he has had the tools two years in a row and came up empty.

– David Freese is a degenerate alcoholic. Alcoholism and athletics do not mix. This West County frat boy is a disgrace to the team. 2011 was 2011. I don’t wanna see him in a Cardinals uniform any more than I want to see him puking on a Central West End sidewalk again. His addiction has eroded his skills.

-Joe Buck was not cheering for the Red Sox. He just watched Big Papi and gets excited anytime a Dominican goes deep.

– I will say it again. Boston is a soft ass yuppie city second only to maybe corny ass cities like San Francisco or Seattle. On no day is Boston ever stronger than St. Louis. Check the numbers.  STL is Murder City.

-Other than that the Cards are in pretty good shape for next season.


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