Jihad Hoe Samantha Lewthwaite Needs Your Diet Tips

It appears International Jihad Hoe Samantha Lewthwaite (who I wrote about previously comparing her to our local ghetto whitegirls) looked up dieting tips while planning the cowardly and Satanic Kenyan mall attack. Here is a dieting tip: after you drop your kids off at the orphanage go to the desert and blow yourself up. That should cut down on the blubber.

A post I have been thinking of for a while is about how the bloated British Welfare State is contributing to the problem of extremism in the UK. Quite simply if able-bodied adults had to work instead of sitting on their asses collecting checks and depending on the government to feed and house their children they wouldn’t have time to spend in jihadi chatrooms, meetings, and a lot of other worthless pusuits. A lot of people check out of society to pursue these jihad or other extremist ideologies and the state basically enables them by putting them on salary.


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