Hair, Thoughts, and Cards


Growing my hair back after all these years. this for the motherfuckers that said I was bald.

Wasn’t thinking about the government shutdown till the guy I asked to borrow money told me he’d been furloughed…..dealing with addicts takes patience….small town lawyers in small town junior-circuit for a reason….Sam Bradford a bust now you believe me….Chuck Liddell is an old skinhead with a glass jaw…I respect MMA and love wrestling but hate the right-wing skinhead culture of the UFC Plantation…Not interested in Chavez-Vera II in the corrupt state of Texas….why do ugly girls wear niqaab? Saw a group of niqaabis looked a herd of retired NFL lineman crossing the street the other day….speaking of niqaab been told to beware of the con-artist Umm Niqaab out of Orange, NJ who has ripped a lot of Muslims off….Lena Headey Queen Cersei the baddest woman on Game of Thrones she single-handefly got me liking whitegirls again..  Whiteboy yuppie rapper tries to lecture Brand Nubian on hip-hop man go ride your bike to the kickball game and shut the fuck up…don’t hate procreate if the bed break use some duct tape. Go Cards!


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